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@chukey_hollywood  🔥NFS 🔥it's KC😌stay humble 👌🏼💯All about my bucks💰💰NOTHING IS FREE💥 Producer:@rayrayscavo 🚀 Manager:@realanthonynyc 🗣

23 days ago

Damn, I wish my nigga Nipsey was here How you die thirty somethin' after banging all them years? Grammy nominated, in the sauna sheddin' tears All this money, power, fame and I can't make you reappear R.I.P💙🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 at Los Angeles, California

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2 months ago

I know you nasty,😌she be touching on her own body😆 at Long Island City

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2 months ago

Happy Valentine’s day☺️Tag your ex if you gangster😈and tag your wifey if you love her😏 at Heartbreak Hotel

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3 months ago

😈 I’m doing this mystery box challenge and I’m giving away two of them to whoever makes the best video turning up to one of my song🤯let’s get it Dm all videos 📲sound cloud link is in my bio pick a song 🗣🤞🏿💯 at Up In The Sky

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3 months ago

🗣just a preview for y’all 🤒🗣tell me what you think in the comments and tag @therealwoopwoop 🗣🤞🏿 at Florida

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3 months ago

Only if you New what I was thinking 💭😈 Drop a Comments 🏴🍾

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3 months ago

I got the drip sauce🗣 40 on me get you hit offed 😈 at Drip

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4 months ago

50 likes and will drop it tonight 🗣🎉🎊 Sb:it’s not about that likes more about the support 🗣 @hotboycazzy at Evil and Love L.E.S

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5 months ago

Out now On all platforms 🎵🙏🏾go bump that🔥🍾

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5 months ago

I may not be the best but I’m definitely top 5 💯🔥 Sb:I know I’m your favorite rapper 🧠

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5 months ago

I’m Highly underestimated🤷‍♂️ Just watch tho🗣

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6 months ago

@casanova_2x I passed cas the L he said chill you know I’m still on parole then ordered 12 dusse bottles😭I said ohhh y’all dinking drinking 🤷‍♂️😂 at Club Lust NY

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6 months ago

Let’s not forget 🛎🚀 Hit after hit 🔥🥇 at Fenix Studios

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6 months ago

Game over 🤫🔥🥇

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6 months ago

Hit🚀 or miss🤫 Sb:when your a artist of any-kind you have the power to tell a story that’s all I try to do I really hope you listen 👂 at Fenix Studios

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6 months ago

Something new 🎨 💫hit or miss🤬

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6 months ago

💯Free Reef till they say it backwards🤬🙏🏾 at Fenix Studios

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