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@chucklab25  I like old stuff. Electrical specialist and wrench jockey @waynescollisionandrestoration Owner of @resurrection_performance

2 days ago

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3 days ago

Pick ups in the south are way different than pick ups anywhere else in the country lol

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3 days ago

Soooo,,, i have a truck again. 6.0/4L80. Screw buying more stuff that has to be worked on. Buy them already finished!

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7 days ago

Put some chill back into this thing today

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8 days ago

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10 days ago

Woke up this morning and the Z31 had rotary swapped itself! I always wanted a P port FB!

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11 days ago

Hey @sunsetsnbooze, since you like samurai’s 😜 here’s a samurai to tow your samurai!

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17 days ago

Probably my all time favorite favorite small bore bikes would have to be the 82 and 83 CR125’s. Just a tough looking, nasty little screamer. I forget that i own one of these but it seems like parts prices have gone way down in the past 5 years. I just wish it looked anything like this one! Maybe I’ll dig it out after the TRX and LT are both back together and after I’m caught up on customer work. Probably not but hey, it never hurts to dream! HA!

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17 days ago

Caddilac hieroglyphics to start the week off

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19 days ago

Stitching this KDX200 back together for @wchcoop_11 Bike went through the flood of 2016 and it killed the crank bearings. So we decided to replace EVERY bearing in the engine. Found the powervalve control arm was bent/borderline broken from the get go so this thing is going to be a whole new animal!

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19 days ago

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21 days ago

It’s been such a great four years with you by my side. Thank you for everything and here’s to many more years and many more adventures!

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24 days ago

Another cool one pulled from Facebook for you (it’s really for me though so i don’t lose the pictures)

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24 days ago

Some of you lot noticed this little trinket in a picture i posted a little while back. It’s owned by a buddy of mine. It is a YZ80 conversion that is supposedly one of only five that were built by a shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is another one of his machines that we are hunting some history on

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27 days ago

It’s not perfect, and i learned a lot. But it’s almost finished

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27 days ago

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27 days ago

Howdy neighbors

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