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21 days ago

I’ve never been this excited when I know I have an appointment with my derma. But with @skinplicitysmnorthedsa , how I wish I could visit them everyday! Cozy atmosphere PLUS exceptional staff! Always makes me comfortable! Super thank you! 😘 ... .. Hey guys, they have an early bird promo! 40% off on their facials from 10AM - 3PM! Start your month with a healthy skin! ✨ Book an appointment with them now! 😉 ... .. PS I don’t have any make ups on! Just finished with my monthly Ultrasonic Facial here ✨

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24 days ago

Manuel Uy beach was one of the safest resorts I’ve been at. They have 24/7 guards and 6am-6pm lifeguards on duty. There was even a foreigner who have been living there for 2months! Definitely a worth-it visit! 🤙🏼 ... .. PS I went camping! ⛺️ It’s just 200pesos overnight! A tent pitching fee of 150pesos and an environmental fee of 30pesos. And viola! You may now enjoy this beaut! Just 3-4hrs away from Metro Manila 😌 ... .. #itsmorefuninthephilippines #strongerwithgolds #teammikefitph at Calatagan, Batangas

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2 months ago

KAPARKAN FALLS at Tineg, Abra ... .. Mother Nature has shaped cascades of natural pools into the mountainside like water-filled rice terraces. Approximately 1,000metre-high, you have countless of infinity pools to choose from! Trekking for 5hrs on a 10km trail or an almost 2hr ride via their “customized” jeeps/trucks from the jump-off point. They needed to put chains on the wheels, hence, customized. ABRAmazing! at Tineg, Abra

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2 months ago

“To show that you truly care, you listen. But to show that you really listened, you sign.” ... .. 8,156 signatures. Remember that signature campaign Save Ourwomen initiated to raise awareness about Domestic&Intimate Violence against Women and Children 4yrs ago I told you about previously? So fortunate that we were able to inform these 8,156 (both men&women) that there is RA 9262 here in the Philippines! Accdg to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), numbers of Violated Women and Children have been both increasing and decreasing since 2016 up until today. What does this mean? That there are still women&children being domestically and/or intimately violated. Want to know more about this Act? Here’s the link, just click on it:

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2 months ago

Never knew that in 3yrs, I’ve changed (and quite damaged) my body. Here’s my story: ... 2016 Anorexia nervosa. Found out a fad diet, restricted myself to the good stuff, I lost weight! From 60kg, in a month I became 53kg! Then I feared a spoonful of rice, I feared eating meats. Went to an everyday cardio, 7x a week! No rest day! Then I feared gaining even a pound of weight. I became anorexic. My manager even told me I looked like a cadaver straight out from a coffin. 😐 ... 2017 I stopped the fad diet because I felt like I craved for all the foods I restricted my body from. I began introducing my bod again to meat, beef, noodles, pizzas, doughnuts, name all the good food! Day after day, though I am not overeating, I can feel I was gaining weight. True enough, I was (basing from photos). I still did cardio. Only cardio. I GAINED BACK ALL THOSE NUMBERS I LOST ON THE WEIGHING SCALE AND EVEN ADDED A BIT MORE. From 53kg, I went up to 67-68kg even! My metabolism was totally destroyed because of that fad diet! 😩Even incorporated a dietary supplement because I was so frustrated to lose all those weight I gained! ... 2018 Never thought I could be back in shape again. I lost hope til I approached coach @mikefitph of Gold’s Gym New Manila. We set goals — and not only a 30-day challenge. Made sure that he checks on my macros everyday. I am still on a diet, but not on a restricted and a fad one! Also, 10min cardio nalang ako! More on weights. I loved beef, rice, whole eggs and from time to time, I also had MILKTEAS, takoyakis, munchkins and some fast foods too! Hehe sorry coach! I may not have lost all the weight I gained but I started building muscles and seeing a toned bod. Such music to my ears when someone says,, “Grabe! Ang tone mo Tine!” Pero, when that is followed up with “Kumakain ka pa ba?” I certainly answer “Oo naman! Tara kain?” ... I still have questions about my progress though. There are times I gain pounds but lose body fat, or vice versa — lose weight but gains body fat! Thankfully, coach Mike knows the hows and whys! We’re still not finished with the goal yet, but I’ve been stronger ever since! I am #StrongerWithGolds and #TeamMikeFitPH! at GOLD'S GYM Philippines

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2 months ago

Confidently beautiful with @cadclinic! ☺️ Thank you so much for taking care of my winning smile ✨ at Greenhills Mall

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2 months ago

670m above sea level after 2.5hrs non-stop hike.....well not really non-stop 🙈 There was quite a side trip before the summit of Mt. Daguldol🤪 at Laiya, Batangas, Philippines

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2 months ago

“Actions speak louder than words” ... .. Aside from doing talks to students back then, a signature campaign to raise awareness about Domestic&Intimate Violence against Women and Children (RA9262) was one of those events I enjoyed doing as an advocate too! I get to meet&talk to a lot of people and most importantly, tell them that there’s a law against violence here in the Philippines — because admittedly, not even one person I spoke to before (or even YOU who’s reading now) knows that there is! 🤗 at Philippines

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2 months ago

Almost 5yrs ago, I made a decision that I never thought I’d be more than proud to stand-up for today! That was, to raise awareness about Domestic and Intimate Violence against Women&Children (RA9262). This was during a talk to Baguio City National Highschool students back then. Up until now, I am a proud advocate! at Baguio City

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