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3 days ago

I was on IMDb this morning (as I often am) looking up random film and actor information and I saw images on the home page for the new AVATAR 2 movie which is set to come out next year. I had this cool little moment where I thought to myself, "Wow, they're actually using the design I created for all their promotional imagery!" Back in 2015, I was contracted by the marketing and advertising agency The Equinox Group to come up with about 20 concepts for the new official logo for the Avatar franchise and the very first concept I created is the one 20th Century Fox and James Cameron ended up choosing. . So even though its been 3 years since the job ended and the design has been chosen and released, I'm reminded at times like theses and I feel this little but intense wave of pride in myself and gratitude toward the staff at The Equinox Group for bringing me onto such a cool project. . #avatar #avatar2 #jamescameronsavatar #jamescameron #20thcenturyfox #theequinoxgroup #chrisablesart

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