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39 minutes ago

The moon putting a mixed light show on.

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5 days ago


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10 days ago

Throwback... this one time we were at an all-time wave and left it to go surf this by ourselves.

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11 days ago

Office with a view.

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17 days ago

Not long till the Pacific awakens now.

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19 days ago

Opening day.

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26 days ago


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1 month ago

Good times with good people. Only thing I’m missing Is my morning coffee from @sparrowcoffeeco

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1 month ago

Indonesia is such a special place. Not only does some of the best surf in the world call it home but the culture is truly amazing. Here we have a woman performing the Legong dance. Which is a tale of the King of Lasem from the Malat which is a collection of heroic romances.

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2 months ago

Have a great weekend y’all! Tag 3 friends you’d wanna share this with

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2 months ago

When the moon gives ya a couple extra waves.

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2 months ago

A Japanese Nakajima B5N ‘’Kate’’. The story from the people in the village says that the pilots ran out of fuel and had to do an emergency landing on the water a short way from an island that they later sought refuge. Turns out the Island they went to was being occupied as a leper colony at the time. Talk about a bad day right. I thought for a long time that the pilots had pulled back the canopy open in an effort for escape but then later found out from a friend that they apparently flew around with the canopy open. Makes sense when you think of the temperature in PNG. Can’t get enough of this country and the history it holds.

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2 months ago

Glue feeling the stoke with a solo session all to himself.

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2 months ago

Pete, locked and loaded.

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2 months ago

Small days can still be fun!

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2 months ago

Never a better time.

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2 months ago

Burger on a a very hollow and much heavier wave then it looks. Unfortunately this last Indo stint this wave didn’t turn on for me. Fingers crossed for more days like this soon!

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3 months ago

Uncle Richie keeping the peace.

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