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@cheng.e  Illustrator & Designer at Atomic D Adelaide to San Francisco ✈️


9 months ago

Long distance isn’t so bad when I still get to see this side of you.

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1 year ago

One more for mom 🎨

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1 year ago

I will let life consume me before I let myself stand still. Emma: another portrait of mom.

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1 year ago

Emma: A portrait of mom

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2 years ago

Nothing can quite describe the life and energy that is New Orleans. I can't help but reminisce about when we were there for last year's Mardi Gras. at New Orleans, Louisiana

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2 years ago

Two things I miss in San Francisco, ramen and this guy. 😒 Never moved around so much in the space of a few months, but it's almost done! 🚚 can't wait to be settled back in Adelaide, more updates to come. πŸ˜„ at Iza Ramen

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2 years ago

Missing the soul food in San Francisco, you can never go wrong with chicken and waffles. I don't remember the name of this place, if you recognize it, let me know! at San Francisco, California

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2 years ago

Wednesday's got me craving a holiday... throwing back to Miami 🌴 and this little place, Puerto Sagua, a little further away from all the touristy restaurants, filled with delicious Cuban bread. at Miami Beach, Florida

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2 years ago

Who's a Dottie's fan? πŸ™‹ one of the highlights of moving to San Francisco was probably having this place right around the corner. We skipped those three hour lines by getting up early or just going on a weekday. @xaviserrag would satisfy his pancake addiction while I got my dose of fluffy omelettes and corn bread. at Dottie's True Blue Cafe

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2 years ago

Celebrating my mother's birthday today πŸ’ the strongest woman I've ever known, always my hero ❀️ #sketch

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2 years ago

Slow dance these summer nights, our disco ball's my kitchen light 🎡 addicted to ILYSB, just found the video, love it.

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2 years ago

We walked through this place and sat on these steps so many times, yet we never really knew what it was. How often does this happen to you? I used to overlook all the little things that were right next to me, and yearn for places further than home. Drawing these memories has definitely made me more grateful. You can read my newest blog entry via the link in my profile πŸ‘‰ #urbansketchers at Mountain View, California

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2 years ago

New illustrated blog post is up! Follow the link in my profile πŸ‘‰ Sharing some memories of Mountain View with you... I've been away for a year, it's time to recap. Let me know what you want to see, I can't wait to share more of these stories with you. 😘 #nature #lamy #explore at Mountain View, California

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2 years ago

And that little Gelato shop on Castro which has a line running down the street every night. The stracciatella was so worth it 😍 stay tuned, blog post will be up tomorrow! at Gelato Classico Italian Ice Cream

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2 years ago

Our usual from @lapanotiq 1x Coconut flan, 1x Trois chocolat crisp, 2x espressos, 2x hands occasionally stealing each other's food. 🍰 at La PanotiQ - Mountain View

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2 years ago

Red Rock Coffee - that cozy hideout on Castro Street. at Red Rock Coffee

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2 years ago

Now that things are starting to settle and I have time on my hands, I can finally get back to these watercolors. So much has happened in the past year, and I'd like to take a moment to reflect and remember all these travels with you. Blog will be up next week! This is La Panotiq in Mountain View, California. A favorite spot for @xaviserrag and I when we lived there. Conversations over cakes and coffee were a basic necessity for us. at La PanotiQ - Mountain View

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