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14 hours ago

I have a surgery in a few days in another state, so I will be posting infrequently for the next few weeks. I have more information about the surgery and my health stuff posted on my personal if you’re curious. And I’ll be keeping updates going there 💜Joey 💙 💚take this minute to get some water if you need 💛 🧡Mental Health Account: @artsy_borderline ❤️Personal: @bendy.joey 🖤 ~Tags~ #lgbt #gay #bi #nonbinary #pan #lesbian #queer #genderqueer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #questioning #mlm #wlw #lgbtq🌈 #loveislove #love #lovewins #lgbtpride #mentalhealth #pride #protecttranspeople #transpeopledeservetolive #equality #equalrights #lgbtmemes #trans #ftm #transgender #transboy #transgirl

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Who wants to b my rowdy bf hmu. Let’s be rowdy together we can kiss and then I’ll suplex you onto the coffee table. - Lou

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20 hours ago

when I say I do this, that’s what I mean. yesterday I went to the renaissance festival and I got gendered correctly all day. I was having the time of my life man. I wanted to hug every single person. -Sea

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1 day ago

If you needed a sign tonight, this is it. If you got on Instagram, looking for a sign to stay alive, or heck even just one last scroll through your feed or the explore page. This is it, I want you to stay alive. There are people that care about you. I care about you. I want you here. If you ever need to just let it out, I’m here. If you don’t that’s also super cool, I just want you to know that someone, somewhere, cares about you. - Lou

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2 days ago

Why u gotta do us like this Dave? ~ Electra

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3 days ago

g o r l s elie🦇 [ @elie.uwu ]

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5 days ago

Not lgbt and I haven’t posted in awhile but important. I didn’t know this. About 2 years ago I just sorta got my industrial piercing on impulse. I said “I’ve finally decided I want to get my industrial” and my mom just took me. I know she wouldn’t do the same on a tattoo but to be completely honest I could definitely see myself going “I want a tattoo” after not eating all day and then this happening ^ because I’m super impulsive. Be safe, look up how to prepare for these sorts of things and most importantly MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN PIERCINGS. If not it’ll get infected and can stink at best, and at worst, your 30 40 50 60 dollar piercing has migrated out or has to be taken out. Pay attention to your body babes. -Lou

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6 days ago

👏Abortion is not a purely female issue👏 Can’t wait for the pro lifers and transphobes to comment 💜Joey 💙 💚take this minute to get some water if you need 💛 🧡Mental Health Account: @artsy_borderline ❤️Personal: @bendy.joey 🖤 ~Tags~ #lgbt #gay #bi #nonbinary #pan #lesbian #queer #genderqueer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #questioning #mlm #wlw #lgbtq🌈 #loveislove #love #lovewins #lgbtpride #mentalhealth #pride #protecttranspeople #transpeopledeservetolive #equality #equalrights #lgbtmemes #trans #ftm #transgender #transboy #transgirl

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7 days ago

It’s been a long few weeks, but congrats to everyone who’s graduating this year!! Y’all have really put in the work, and you deserve some rest ~Lex🌨

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when the one become the many~Lily🌸

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