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This photo is a very good representation of who I really am as a person. I’m extremely imperfect! I’m the kind of girl who runs into the same table everyday, the one who trips over things that aren’t there, and the one who looks for something she literally just had. #sorrynotsorry

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She loved with all she had, whether you deserved it or not. #giveaway

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3 days ago

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year you are today. #cantstop #wontstop

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4 days ago

V•O•G•U•E Germany 👢👝 #empowered

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5 days ago

V•O•G•U•E Germany 👢👝 #empowered Shot in a luxury upstate home, it was a long but exciting day, full of laughs and positive energy. I loved shooting with you all so much and I’m so incredibly proud of our images! Thank you from the depths of my heart.

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10 days ago

Unquestionable mood. #fresh

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11 days ago

Long hair makin’ a come back. #living

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18 days ago

When your heart wants something 
and your brain prevents it. When you want to cry but you smile instead. #modelsatfashionweek

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