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@cernyfit  Health and Fitness Secrets 🍑 #CERNYFIT 2019 CERNYFit plan now available 💪🏼❣️

15 days ago

First ever #CernyFit FitPlan has arrived and just in time to help you hit your 2019 new year fitness goals! I made sure this plan is PERFECTION! Don’t wait any longer! Make the change today and do it along side me while i support you along the way!!!!! Link to download is in my profile. Or go to at Palm Beach, Florida

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22 days ago

Fact. Muscles included.

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1 month ago

A large body of evidence shows the risk of a range of health conditions is reduced as we eat more fruit and vegetables. LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE!🥕🥦🍋❣️(( ps to critique myself a bit , I really should start using more reusable produce bags besides Just my normal reusable grocery bags that I already use at checkout 🧐Every little change counts. I mean, Cutting out buying single-use plastic water bottles alone has already made my life so much easier ! My water filter is the best thing ever. Makes for A lot Less plastic to have to take out and recycle, less money spent, less shopping trips and a positive environmental impact! It also inspires me to drink more water because I can easily get to it every day from my sink and it tastes even cleaner! Most bottled water is filled with chemicals from the plastic packaging it’s sitting in. Depending on your location of course... a lot of times bottled water is filtered in the same way, if not less than your at-home water filters!

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2 months ago

Making it to the gym even with a proper brunch food baby! 😂😂 and trying new things to keep it entertaining. 💪🏼

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2 months ago

This applies to your workouts! Nelson Mándela knows what’s up! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Drink some preworkout and go get that gym sesh!!!! at Palm Beach, Florida

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3 months ago

Healthy shots hurt so good! The oregano and the E3 live ones really get me . What are you favorites? at Los Angeles, California

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6 months ago

Pre workout 🤸🏻‍♀️

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7 months ago

Don’t compare your body to another’s. This leads to unrealistic expectations. Everyone has their own shape and genetic capabilities. Simply focus on continued health through food and energy, consistent fitness - workout routines/activities and pushing yourself every day to be the best you, you can be both physically and morally/mentally . There is no better you out there in the world than yourself...So you are already winning ! 💪🏼 Want to feel better about your physique? Build that confidence by not only setting a realistic goal but by making fitness and health an ongoing lifestyle . #teamcerny at Míkonos

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7 months ago

Giving my baby gains over vacation! Nothing like avocado toast in ze Mornin’ 🥑🍞💛 at Míkonos

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7 months ago

It’s cardio week! I’m doing intervals on the treadmill and stair master all week before my campaign shoot. Making the abs come out to play💪🏼💦 Stairmaster: 45 min ( 3 min - level 16 / 3 min - level 20 ) Treadmill : 45 min to 90 min ( min: 4 mph - incline 4 / max: 6 mph - incline 15 ) Adjust to your level of course!!! All setting are flexible. I felt like I was going to pass out at moments. Pushed myself to exhaustion each time. at Los Angeles, California

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7 months ago

First step is always believing in yourself and putting that positive energy out into the world to help you achieve your goals. Next step is to taken action and put in the work ! The two combined will make anything possible. 💪🏼💪🏼 #teamcerny at Chester, Pennsylvania

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8 months ago

Overnight oats are absolute heaven😍 and great to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. They allow you to remain full as your body has slow burning carbs to fuel you throughout the day. -1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk -1/2 cup steel cut oats -1 teaspoon chia seeds -add a scoop of your fav plant based protein powder -add in your fav fruits ( I like to mush a banana into the mix for some natural sugar goodness) -cinnamon ( optional ) Mix all together and Leave in a mason jar in the fridge overnight and boom! You got yourself a kickass breakfast. #Cernystyle

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