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2 days ago

Crossing the muddy Omo River by the coolest dugout canoe I’ve ever been in to visit the Dassanech Village on the other side. This river flows into Lake Turkana on the Ethiopia/Kenyan border and has a very strong current so I’m thankful for a good boatman! The Dassanech men carve the canoe out of one solid tree trunk. The boats take about three days to make but last about five years. #omoriver #dugout #ethiopia #dassanech at Omo River

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6 days ago

So many interesting tribes and amazing faces in the Lower Omo. at Omo Valley Ethiopia

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7 days ago

We are spending the last four days of our time here in Ethiopia in the Lower Omo Valley near the borders of South Sudan and Kenya. It’s hot, it’s dusty, it’s dry and there isn’t any electricity except the generator at our lodge that runs a few hours a day. At night we lay in bed under a mosquito net sweating all night because there isn’t power to run a fan to cool us off. These temporary inconveniences for us are just part of life for the 200,000 people of 8 different tribes that live here in the Omo and I feel pretty privileged to have the opportunity to visit four different tribal groups in four different villages. This is a village of the Hamar tribe who mainly herd goats and cattle. There are roughly 80,000 Hamar in the Omo. They use the red dirt, butter and incense to create a paste that is applied to their hair. They marry outside of their village and the number of wives they have will depend on how many cattle he can afford to give to the father of the new perspective bride. Notice the handle of the necklace of the woman I am talking to. That means she is a ‘first wife’ so very respected. #omovalley photo cred: @goldenethioriding at Turmi, Gamo Gofa, Ethiopia

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8 days ago

Who says you can’t do ‘safari’ in Ethiopia?! While it’s no Kenya or Tanzania or Botswana, it has it’s fair share of animals to spot! #ethiopia #safari at Ethiopia

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9 days ago

Good morning Ethiopia! A room with a view (and a handful of mosquitos for good measure). Below is Lake Abaya. It’s full of aggressive crocodiles 🐊 so we didn’t swim in it but we did take an 1 1/2 hour boat trip on Lake Chamo next to it to see the less aggressive crocodiles and the hippos. #ethiopia #crocodiles #roomwithaview at Arba Minch', Gamo Gofa, Ethiopia

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11 days ago

Hanging out above our camp at 12,500 feet watching the Gelada Monkeys enjoying the sunset! The Simien Mountains are the only place on earth these roughly 30000 particular monkeys reside and are the highest-dwelling primates on earth living up to 14,000 feet (4300 meters) above sea level. #simienmountains #geladamonkey at Simien Mountains National Park

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13 days ago

Spent the last four days hiking through the Simien Mountains. When you think of Africa you don’t necessarily think of high altitude, besides Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, but Ethiopia has quite a few high peaks too. We trekked and slept above 12,000 feet (3650 meters) for four days and bagged a few 13ers, including the third highest peak in Ethiopia. #simienmountains #ethiopia #peakbagging at Simien Mountains National Park

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17 days ago

We just spent the last couple days visiting the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. There are eleven churches carved out of ONE piece of basalt in 1100AD. Pretty astonishing. Now that we are completely cultured we are headed to Simien National Park for a four day hike with a guide, a cook, a donkey handler and his donkeys and two armed guards. If you don’t hear from us in five days call the Embassy! Just kidding, we aren’t really worried. Seriously. #ethiopia #unesco #rockhewnchurches at Lalibela, Ethiopia

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19 days ago

Spent the day in Aksum learning about the amazing history of this country and it’s people. So, so many ancient sites here. We were told that only about 10% of the historical sites dating back to, probably, 10th century BC are even uncovered at this point (no money or resources). Aksum is considered the birthplace of Ethiopia and the home of the Queen of Sheba. The Ark of the Covenant is supposedly housed in a small chapel here too. I took a lot of photos of ancient sites but I’m more enamored by the colors and people 🇪🇹 #Ethiopia #aksum at Axum, Ethiopia

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20 days ago

Ethiopia is full of churches carved out of solid rock perched way up on nearly inaccessible pinnacles and mountaintops. This one we visited today, called Abuna Yemata, dates back to the 5th century and after hiking up a steep mountainside for about 40 minutes we had to climb up a sheer rock face and then scramble until we reached the entrance. To find the original brightly painted murals inside was the icing on the cake. Picture 2 is me looking guilty because I just had rotator cuff surgery so this isn’t on my rehab schedule! Notice in picture 3 the marmot hanging out below me in a hollow in the rock! Picture 4 shows the ledge we have to climb on around the corner to get to the entrance. Picture 5 you can see the priest of the church that let us in. #notforthefainthearted #ethiopia #rockhewnchurches at Abuna Yemata Guh

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21 days ago

Hiking down the volcano, Erte Ali with our camels, which, for the record, smell remarkably sweet. We started the hike up at 8pm because it’s so damned hot here with average temperatures of 102. Unfortunately the smoke from the volcano was so thick on top that even though we stood right at the edge of the caldera we couldn’t see the bubbling magma that we came to see. at Erta Ale

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1 month ago

The Ice Castles in Dillon were especially frigid last night. We lasted about six minutes and then raced over to the hot chocolate across the street. at Ice Castles CO

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1 month ago

Glorious day for my first winter excursion this year! The bionic knee felt great but the altitude was killing me 😭. Kiyann was beside herself. at Peaks Trail

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