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@catfe_vancouver  Vancouver's cat cafe! 😻 #catfevancouver A sunny cafe in downtown Vanmewver filled with adoptable rescue cats. 🐈🐈🐈 😸 Meet this week’s cats at

10 hours ago

Thank mew @tiired.creature for sharing these videos of our sweet darling brother & sister duo Boo Boo and Blackfoot. They’re just hanging out in the kitty corner, you know, loving each other the most. 💕 at Catfé

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18 hours ago

Dynamic duo Jester & Pumpkin 💕 at Catfé

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1 day ago

This is my favourite bubblefé video from yesterday taken by Kristin, our resident bubble whisperer. 😻 Can’t get over Patrick’s reaction when Pumpkin accidentally touches him while trying to catch the bubble. You can see her inwardly groaning when she realizes what she’s done. 😹 Just because she touched you it doesn’t mean she likes you, Patrick! BE CHILL at Catfé

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2 days ago

Fishing for Rosemary... this shy gal is a sucker for a wand toy with feathers 😻 at Catfé

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2 days ago

Pumpkin’s so happy that Doug is back!!! where is the food? at Catfé

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3 days ago

Trying to choose from four photos of this crew for our Facebook cover... but they’re ALL cute! Help us decide! at Catfé

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3 days ago

Happy Meownday! Time to get back out there and chase that red dot ❣️🐈 at Catfé

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4 days ago

Nap time is... OVERRRRRRR! Dorian’s ready to chase some more toys 😻 at Catfé

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5 days ago

CATURDAAAAAAAAAAY! We’ve been converting some of our table legs into scratching posts and the cats very much approve. 😹 at Catfé

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5 days ago

Suns out feets out 😎☀️🐾 at Catfé

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6 days ago

Just a couple of rock stars... unbelievably cute duo Ringo and Jagger are still looking for a cool home to go to together! 😎😻 #exileonmeowstreet #peaceandlove at Catfé

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7 days ago

Yay Tommy!!! Our sweet sensitive man really blossomed once he moved into his own bachelor pawd in the kitty corner, and it didn’t take him long after that to find his special purrson! 💖😻 Tommy was adopted last night, #648 🎉 at Catfé

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8 days ago

“I’ve never wanted to pet a hot chocolate so badly” 😹 - 📷 by @anothervisser at Catfé

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9 days ago

Sound on to hear how Ringo pronounces “catnip bubble” 😻 at Catfé

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9 days ago

The cats had a field day last night after Jagger ripped open a catnip toy 🙀🌱 at Catfé

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10 days ago

This is how Jagger makes friends. 😹 at Catfé

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10 days ago

Pumpkin’s shopping for some new earrings... which ones should she get? at Catfé

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11 days ago

Dorian’s enjoying a nice ice cream treat from @meowbox 😻🍦 at Catfé

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