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@cashlambert  📍 Haleiwa, HI 📖 Author of “Waves of Healing: How Surfing Changes the Lives of Children with Autism” 🧩🏄🏽‍♂️ BUY HERE 👇🏽

11 days ago

Dark. Haunting. It’s pages drenched in madness. “The Quiet Room”— a personal tale of a girl’s journey through schizophrenia diagnosis and a decade long recovery — is easily one of the more heart wrenching books I’ve read. But as nightmare-inducing as the story is, there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the protagonist and for the reader. If you’re interested in anything mental health related, I’d recommend giving it a read

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12 days ago

Big thanks to the Deerfield Observer for featuring the “Waves of Healing” book signing on the front page of their latest issue! And an amazing photo from the signing thanks to @ccernik at Deerfield Beach, Florida

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14 days ago

Surfing in Florida is always an adventure—in order to score fun size waves for a few hours, @itsethanparker and I had to mission up to Sebastian, dodge massive thunderstorms (the lineup was cleared multiple times because of close lightning strikes), brave a torrential downpour and paddle battle with a crowd. But getting fun waves at the ole’ stomping grounds was totally worth it at Sebastian Inlet State Park

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16 days ago

Stoked to have the West Palm Beach crew reunited this past week for surf, paddleboarding, cruising downtown and an epic lineup at Sunfest at Palm Beach Island

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21 days ago

West Palm Beach crew

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