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@cashad  creator of @wearephenomenal & @alliesofmotherearth | poet & writer | currently in love | squatting in los angeles ✌🏼

12 hours ago

I smiled throughout my entire yoga practice this morning. As corny as that sounds, I am grateful for it. It feels amazing to step onto my mat and truly let everything go. at Echo Park

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8 days ago

this morning i am grateful for my yoga practice. i am grateful for the strength, flexibility and mental peace/clarity my practice brings. i am grateful for my morning walk and waking up next to the person i love. i am grateful for good, true friends & great conversation. i am grateful dauphine is a trooper & had a very successful day yesterday. i am grateful for my parents, always. i am grateful to be writer living in a city i love & for the continuous growth in my career. i am grateful for slow living type of days & days where there simply isn’t enough time because both have brought me to where i am. i am grateful for my breath, my mobility and my health. i am grateful today. at Los Angeles, California

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16 days ago

i have always been a believer of manifestos and speaking your truth into the universe. for a while, i lived by one of the manifestos i wrote and read it aloud every morning - it served as the daily reminder for all aspirations and goals for my year and my life. unfortunately, with the roller coaster of an adventure i experienced last year, i let that practice slip through the cracks. tonight, i thought i’d bring it back in a simpler form - a list of what i’d like more and less of for the year to come. thank you @iolovesyou for inspiring this new practice.

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29 days ago

The beauty of northern Georgia is unreal to me after spending so much time in the desert. I am grateful for all my morning hikes with the old man. at Sweetwater Creek State Park

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1 month ago

After a whirlwind of a year that was equal parts rewarding as it was trying, it’s really nice to be back in Georgia surrounded by family, fresh air and so much of Mother Earth’s beauty.

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1 month ago

morning hikes with the old man at one of my favorite spots 🌲

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2 months ago

Weeeeellll, it’s officially here. A year ago, I pitched a piece on vulnerability to Anna Linder for Book of Emotions. This afternoon I received my print copy in the mail. It’s very humbling and wild to see my name in print (and on the cover). Thank you @annalindergraphic for allowing me to be a part of your project. // Head to the link in bio to purchase a copy of your own. at Los Angeles, California

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2 months ago

Two radical things happened this morning. First, @paisley_noelle reached out and asked me to help her clean up a neighborhood in Los Angeles. We opted for a strip in the Arts District & filled 5 jumbo bags with miscellaneous trash from cigarette buds and styrofoam cups to clothing and plastic bags. Second, feeling inspired, I launched @alliesofmotherearth, a platform dedicated to raising awareness + organizing local clean-ups of the city, parks & beaches. Thank you for today Paisley & for always being down to help the planet! You truly are an inspiration & I am grateful to know you. at Los Angeles, California

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2 months ago

Over the last two weeks, the Woolsey Fire has burned through over 98,000 acres of land - the largest in Los Angeles county record. As of last night, only 60% of the fire has been contained & a new wildfire has popped up Santa Paula (Ventura County). @johnny_vampotna is doing flash all day today and donating ALL of the proceeds to animal rescue and the individuals affected by the fire. I am grateful to be the first to arrive & get this lovely ghost lady you see above ♥️👻 If you can’t make it today, @thunderbirdtattoola is holding another flash day on November 26! at Thunderbird Tattoo L.A.

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2 months ago

I am forever grateful for you♥️ Disney is truly a magical place, especially during the holidays & I am really grateful we got to experience it all yesterday. One day we will have annual passes and it will be MAGNIFICENT! at Disneyland

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2 months ago

IT IS THE BEST DAAAAAYYYYY EEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRRR!!! @strutz hooking it up with the present of the year ♥️ at Disneyland

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3 months ago

Advocating for myself has always been an internal battle, and as I start to, I am finding pushback which only leads to another internal battle of should I have said or done anything at all? In those moments I remind myself, I deserve to take up space. at Los Angeles, California

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3 months ago

Dogsitting Dau the other week made me realize how much Echo Park feels like home. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first place I called home in this city or if it is the small community that welcomed me warmly (and still does) & feels like family, but it definitely made me miss it. I am forever manifesting a home a block up from your lake (with a parking spot + tiny yard for my future dog). at Echo Park

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3 months ago

a friendly reminder, you are under no obligation to be who you were a month ago, a week ago or even yesterday. as humans we are ever evolving, changing with each experience. you are allowed to follow your growth and your intuition to become the person you want to be, to take care of yourself, to go through life the way you wish. you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you’ve hopped on a new path, because you are allowed to flow freely through this journey, blossoming and changing with each moment that ignites something in you. don’t ever let someone put you in a box. keep on keepin on & remember the wise words of bernard baruch, “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” at Los Angeles, California

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