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@carrie_shogan  πŸŒ± 4 the animals. Pig whisperer, pug’s personal assistant. I care for pigs & the warriors who fight for them. @littleoinkbankpigsanctuary is my thing.

5 days ago

Sweet Olive is such a good mum to her boys Joaquin and Leonardo. These loves are strong and feisty and we are rooting for them. We are so grateful we were able to save Olive and Hershel when we did to give them and their lovely sons a fighting chance. at Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary

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7 days ago

The neighbour’s pet pig escaped. We got him back. Brambles - 1 Carrie - 0 πŸ˜‚ Many thanks to Dawson, honorary Regulator and Pig Whisperer. at Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary

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8 days ago

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