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@cacklefruitcorner  Welcome to our corner of North Texas! 🐥Clara Cluck, Mary Peepins, Dawn King, Mabel, Jack, Sally, Lucy and Betty. 🐶 Minnie

26 days ago

Nothing better than sleeping babies!! #shhhh🙊

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26 days ago

Our newest flock members ❤️ Ernestine (Dominique), Imogene (Specked Sussex) and Agnes (Lakeshore Egger). I had planned to name them after the ladies of country music but when my grandma passed away last week I thought this might be a fitting tribute. Ernestine was her middle name, Agnes is my paternal grandmother’s middle name and Imogene is my great Aunt’s middle name. ❤️ #memories #thanks #meyershatcheryforthewin #meyershatchery #bathtubbrooder

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