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@brown.kats  Low grade pretension & a learning curve

14 days ago

It’s been a while internet friends 🏝 at Curaçao

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2 years ago

Infinite Katarinas for the infinite money I would need to live in this beautiful city at David Zwirner Gallery

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2 years ago

First to arrive, last to post. But I do love these people, more than biscuits, more than anything 💙 #adventuRAs at Biscuit Love

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2 years ago

I accidentally called these mountains the cool cats and now my cousins won't let me forget about it at Chilkat Range

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2 years ago

My friends told me this photo was too risqué for LinkedIn, so here we are at Wynwood Walls

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2 years ago

Umm, I think they spelt 'Moonlight' wrong? at Miami, Florida

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2 years ago

I appreciate the people who turn their life into art ✨

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3 years ago

'Babel' by Cildo Meireles ft. tiny glowy cutie Francella at Tate Modern

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3 years ago

Panicked about leaving England soon, so posting photos of abandoned castles in Ireland instead of confronting realities at Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland

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3 years ago

Went on a ferris wheel by myself and it was real real romantic at Málaga, Spain

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3 years ago

Stole this pic from my mom's Facebook for the occasion. She's the German babe in the back wearing an outfit I would probably definitely also steal.

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3 years ago

Sheep are the new forest fairies

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3 years ago

If you squint, you can see that blue sky at Wales, UK

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3 years ago

Wild horses couldn't keep me from you, mountains at Snowdonia

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3 years ago

🌊🌴🌊 at Monaco

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