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Shout out to the hardest working client I know! On the left Philip weighed in at 205lbs(June). He was on a zero carb diet when I started working with him and hadn't weight trained since 1987. On the right, he's weighing in at 191 lbs(December). Leading up to this point Philip actually couldn't stop losing weight with an enormous amount of carb intake! With an injury and all, he still strives to improve day in and day out. You could be the most educated, experienced and successful coach out there but if your clients are willing to work hard and put in the time the pictures will show that. 2018, watch out!!💪🏽 • Online diet/training📚👇🏽-

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Haha this is too cool not to post!! ❤️ I have the best followers🙏🏽- • Costume: @thejefx

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So grateful I have the opportunity to work with one of the best meal prep services out there! @nutrichefnyc meals are NEVER frozen and customized based on MY macro needs. No cookie cutter meals sold by the 1000's. They care PERIOD. Tell em Brigitte sent ya 😉 and any local gyms in my area that are interested in getting some meals into their establishments email @nutrichefnyc at - 💥Ships nationwide - 💥GMO free proteins - 💥Meals customized based on clients macro/dietary needed

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