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@brighthillfarm  A little but growing homestead🌲learning as we go. Chickens🐔 rabbits 🐰goats🐐gardening 🌱and...we got dogs y’all🐺🐶🐕🌲Tucked in the foothills of NC🌲

3 days ago

Some love from Annie & Wrigley😍

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4 days ago

I am very strongly a “dog person”, but there is nothing quite like cuddles from a goat. They don’t lick or scratch and they don’t usually turn you down 🐐

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4 days ago

Mouse likes to “help” with the chores🐭

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4 days ago

Named this guy “Hickok” after the notorious lawman, gunfighter and gambler Wild Bill. Folk tales of the American west have always interested may show in some of the critters names😁 #homestead #puppy #blueheeler #cute #outdoors #camping #hiking #adventure #adventuredog #farm #organic # #wild #cuteanimals #bunnies #nc #carolina #homegrown #homemade #chickens #backyardchickens #rabbits #goats #goatsofinstagram #bushcraft #garden #gardening #organic #folklore #western

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5 days ago

Brighthill farms Coop has a new sheriff in town! Meet Hickok, the Ayam Cemani rooster. Ayam Cemanis are called the Lamborghinis of poultry. Their skin, beaks, combs, meat, bones and organs are BLACK! They are beautiful, fascinating creatures. The girls haven’t had a rooster in awhile and the coop queen (buttercup) is going to have to take her attitude down a notch. Hickok has his work cut out for him, he has never been in a coop full of hens. Not to mention Buttercup is a lot thicker than him😆 Very happy to have our own Cockadoodledoo in the morning! #homestead #puppy #blueheeler #cute #outdoors #camping #hiking #adventure #adventuredog #farm #organic # #wild #cuteanimals #bunnies #nc

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6 days ago

It’s a wet gloomy day here on the homestead but we are grateful the girls are giving us eggs in February! Last winter they went on strike so this is a lovely surprise. 🥚 🥚

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6 days ago

Clover & Bonnie are the cutest besties

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6 days ago

Hope these hot mamas are eating for 3 or 4 each!!

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13 days ago

Road kill buck? I think yes. He was freshly hit a few cars ahead of us, let’s see what we can salvage from this guy so he doesn’t go to waste👊🏼 (unfortunate that we couldn’t find his other antler)

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14 days ago

Silly chrysanthemum wanted the TOP hay😜

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17 days ago

All this moving business got me behind on our homestead journal for January, and just like that it’s February!😳 As usual, the homestead experienced sadness and happiness in January. It’s not all baby animals and wagging tails every month, sometimes it’s burying beloved rabbits or disciplining chicken-killing dogs. It’s a constant learning process that makes you grow🌱 Can’t wait for the good things this month will bring💕

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17 days ago

Sure, the bowl is right there but moms offering so let’s BOTH eat out of her hand at the same time 🐐 😆

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17 days ago

These girls love the camera!

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18 days ago

We hope all are friends in the Midwest/North are staying warm and dry in this weather🥶 It’s in the teens here in N.C. nothing we can’t handle! Here’s a pic earlier this year of our girls emerging into the snow, they didn’t know what to think😄

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