21 hours ago

Home grown vine ripened toms (yes birds strategically defeated) a little oil and salt ready to slow roast... forgot the ‘after’ photo cos 🐷 at Auckland, New Zealand

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2 days ago

Even though I have a veg garden I still want all the things at the Otara morning market!!! at Otara Flea Market

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3 days ago

Coffee lovers... you will need to check this new spot out... @ozonecoffeenz freshly roasted coffee, on point interior design and based on the tasty snippets of food, I’m definitely intrigued to see their menu!! ( it’s just up the road from @farrofresh Grey Lynn so could be a first world foodie problem...) at Grey Lynn

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8 days ago

My Espresso Martini from @fitzroyloungebar the other night - so technically I had only gone out for coffee 😂😂 - Gin Sour looks pretty good too.... at Fitzroy Lounge Bar

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11 days ago

In case you’re after a great cocktail to go with your truffle fries.... had the treat of checking out this great little spot @fitzroyloungebar last night and was rewarded with some great company and delicious treats. Super comfy sofas ... at Fitzroy Lounge Bar

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15 days ago

Curious as anything to try these!! A new addition to the Pam’s Finest range - pure liquid oils. My letterbox smells like a spice market with garlic overtones.... anyway been #gifted these to try - so I’ll get back to you on what I think. Lowdown.. bottles are fully recyclable, each bottle has 180 drops, where 1 drop = 1 clove garlic etc. flavours include Basil, Chilli, Thyme, Ginger, Tumeric, Mixed Herbs, Garam Masala, Garlic. I’m pretty keen to try the Ginger to be honest - (I’ll have to buy that one though) anyway lookout for them - New World & PAKnSAVE !

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19 days ago

Lunch - taste testing my labneh on crackers - ideal summer snack.

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19 days ago

Braised pork belly (Saigon spicy sauce, soy, ginger and a touch of sesame oil) and chilled noodles for dinner tonight!! Lots of leftover noodles for school lunch box tomorrow!!

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23 days ago

Delicious shared lunch with friends today @saint__alice. Corn Toasts, Beetroot Salad, Sweetbread Kebabs, Woodfired Eggplant. at Saint Alice

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1 month ago

Fresh sweet corn cobs for dinner - the worlds laziest Sunday ever!!! Mayo, coriander, sesame seeds on top!!

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1 month ago

Hydrangeas are so vivid - want to pick a HUGE bunch for inside !!

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1 month ago

Ribena and Sea Salt - very delicious creation from @aquas_au on Queen St!! I tried this for the first time last night with @_georgieats_ - but truth is I could do with one right now!! at Aqua S

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1 month ago

It’s definitely summer when a cheese and fruit platter is dinner!!.

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1 month ago

Kevin and his mate turned up while we were BBQ-ing this evening - so we invited them to their own bowls of corn. No idea what these guys eat - but might have to look into it if they keep showing up like this!! at Auckland, New Zealand

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