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@brennonhastings  Livin' life in Bend, OR. 🌲 22 years old

23 days ago

Taken from a recent trip to the Oregon coast with my family. There was a lot of foam but it was a beautiful place! at Newport, Oregon

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1 month ago

Best friends start at an early age. at Oregon

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1 month ago

Save the turtles bro. Eliminate plastic. Side note, my sister is a great model. at Newport, Oregon

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1 month ago

If it wasn’t for the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate, I’d definitely live on the coast.

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1 month ago

Good evening friends. Hope everyone is having a great night. For 2019 I’m going to try to go shoot and post more frequently. Have a great week everyone! ❤️ at Oregon Coast

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5 months ago

Camp life was real, if anybody is wanting to go out somewhere near bend this week let me know because I’m dowwnnnn! at Bend, Oregon

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7 months ago

Best thing to do at sunrise is catch the morning fog! Also went spelunking with some buddies tonight and came out to a thunderstorm around us. It was pretty flippin’ sweet to say the least. 🤘🏻 at Bend, Oregon

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8 months ago

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported me the past few years. Not only in just my photography, but also in my personal life. I love and appreciate all of you! ❤️ at Oregon

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8 months ago

Hidden gems on cascade lakes. at Todd Lake

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8 months ago

I love being out here where I can be creative and get away from whatever I feel is holding me down. There’s such a calming effect with getting away and also creating something that is truly yours. at Sparks Lake

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8 months ago

First time back out here in a while. Always one of my favorite spots to shoot or just hang out. at Sparks Lake

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9 months ago

The past doesn’t matter. Learn from it and keep moving. at Oregon

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9 months ago

Best view of Crater Lake I’ve had. This trip is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done hands down. at Crater Lake National Park

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9 months ago

Went on a little trip today with my buddy/roommate @caleb_adkisson. Stopped in Medford for some in n out then came back to Bend. Such an awesome experience! at Mount Thielsen

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9 months ago

Cascade thunderstorms. Everywhere I looked out there tonight was insanely beautiful. at Cascade Lakes Highway

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9 months ago

Stoked to have the opportunity to help protect the wilderness this summer. Not only in Oregon but all of the U.S. at Oregon

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10 months ago

Stoked to go hiking more, did some hiking today and it was great so I’m looking forward to more soon! 🤘🏻

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