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2 hours ago

Next week we head out on a road trip of a lifetime through Utah/Arizona/California in an airstream with some amazing people. Moments like these is exactly why we made @tothmedia and continue to grind out fun content for our clients. If you’re a brand and love what we do, fill out the quick contact form on our website and we’ll put our passion to work for you. There’s still time to get in on an epic road trip around the Baltic Sea in a 3 old VW vans, visiting 10 countries in 16 days. Music: kings of summer - ayokay #tothmedia at Road trip USA

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9 days ago

Had a dinner with my dad tonight and went through some old photos of family. It’s kinda wild seeing how quickly people grow and things change. Saw a photo of my great grandfather for the first time tonight. I hope one day my future family sees these moments posted on here and it reminds them that life is precious and time flies when you’re having fun 👌🏼😊 at Yosemite National Park

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17 days ago

🇨🇦🙏🏼 Hanging out in Canada for the next month or so. Feels rather great to be home, getting reorganized and planned out for another season of summer adventures. How do you guys plan for summer? I try and keep life pretty open/spontaneous but I always seem to have a growing list on my phone notes of things to do and places to visit 🤷🏼‍♂️📍 at Banff, Alberta

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22 days ago

One of the 6000 underground swimming holes (called cenotes) in Yukatán. Finally a place where I can cliff jump without being freezing cold after 😅☀️ at Yucatan, Mexico

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26 days ago

Everyone needs to come and stay at Azulik. Craziest villas I’ve ever seen. While out here filming I’ve been using my Weekender from @away to carry all the gear that doesn’t fit in my camera bag. The bag is thoughtfully designed to keep everything organized and makes my process of capturing beauty easier 👌🏼✨ #travelaway at AZULIK Tulum

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27 days ago

Hiking in the rain in hopes of nice fog and good memories. Cool places like this abandoned bridge are scattered around where I live, which is why I love to be home in BC. A lot of the time work has me elsewhere (currently overheating in Tulum), so I’m stoked to partner with @away on their Weekender launch because this duffle is great for any type of trip (no matter the weather) and designed to fit just as much as a carry-on. #travelaway at Pacific Northwest

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29 days ago

Mornings spent on the lake with friends✨🏔 at Banff, Alberta

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1 month ago

In a few hours we head to a country we’ve never been to. Not going to give it away yet but it’s to shoot a music & arts festival and there’s tacos and mosquitos waiting for us 😅 Anyway hope everyone had a solid Easter 🙏🏼✌🏼 #eastersunday #heisrisen at Iceland

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