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10 days ago

Today we did some upkeep to the stage 1 of the Sensory Gardens in Nerang. ~ I feel like all the hard work has already been worth it when a small group of volunteers turned up eager to help with garden maintenance. We had volunteers of all ages, abilities and nationalities. ~ The connection of community through senses is what this garden is all about. A beautiful autistic child brought his own garden tools, helped to water, directed the mower on where to mow, saw his image in the funny wobble mirrors and smelt the scented geraniums. ~ My heart secretly melted. It’s al sooooo worth it 💚🌿 Image is of newly planted natives within the garden. at Botanical Bazaar

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21 days ago

I’m feeling a little ‘orchid’ about being in a photo shoot with the @gcbulletin tomorrow. ~ I’m normally the one to organise the photographer, location, MUHA, talent etc, but this time I’m the one being photographed! ~ Being selected as a finalist in the #gcwoty awards was a huge, but rewarding surprise. ~ I’m stoked that @feemc will be there with me to join the fun! Here’s hoping she brings some bubbles 🥂 for beforehand. Is 10am to early to start calming the nerves?! 🤷🏻‍♀️Stacey @stacey_panozzo . These gorgeous Orchids are from #windemereorchids at #mttamborine #orchids #flowering at Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

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1 month ago

HELP NEEDED! The first stage of the Sensory Gardens for all abilities at Country Paradise Parklands Nerang have been completed, however we seek assistance with the upkeep. On Feb 9th from 10am-12pm, we invite you to please come and help to do a little clean up of leaves, twigs, weeds plus spread mulch and replace plants that did not survive the summer after planting. As a thank you, we will offer you the opportunity to learn more about 'Designing for Communities - People and Plants' by experienced therapeutic Horticulturalist Partrick Regnault. Patrick from Interactive Landscapes is donating his time to also help with the clean up and present the FREE educational workshop to the local community and members of the Australian Institute of Horticulture. Please PM if you are interested in helping 🙏🏻🌿 Stacey @aust_institute_of_horticulture @interactivelandscapes @etcltd #countryparadiseparklands #communitygardening #community #sensorygardens #allabilities at Country Paradise Parklands

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1 month ago

Feeling super honoured to hear that I have been selected as one of the three finalists for Gold Coast Women of the Year. There are eight categories presented by @gcbulletin and @harveynormanau. I am placed within the ‘Wellness Warrior’ category. I’m excited to fly the flag for living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle on the Gold Coast and hope this nomination brings more awareness to healthy living for all ages and abilities. #gcwoty #botanicalbazaar #gcbusiness #gcbulletin

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1 month ago

Can you guess this fruit?

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1 month ago

The next meeting for Gold Coast Organic Growers Group is on Thursday 17th JANUARY at 7.30pm at the ELANORA (Pines Shopping Centre) community centre. Don’t miss fabulous guest speaker Lise Racine from @theherbalgardener, her topic is EASY HERBS TO GROW FOR YOUR HEALTH THIS WINTER. New visitors and members always welcome! Come half and hour earlier to join our food swap 🌿🥕🌽🥬 #organicgardening #growyourownfood #organic #sustainableliving #communitygroup #goldcoastgardening @gcbulletin #gcbulletin @1029hottomato #1029hottomato

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1 month ago

Anyone on the Gold Coast interested in purchasing white Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia 'Natchez I believe). I have 7 plants at $15 each in 200mm pots ready to flower. Funds will go back into the Sensory Gardens in Nerang. Pick up Tallebudgera. It’s a small, deciduous tree that creates great interest throughout the year. In summer, clusters of spectacular white, crepe-paper like flowers flourish. Following this, the dark green leaves add further interest as they transition into autumn, turning a rich bronze-red colour before falling. Bark also provides colour as the tree matures, with its flakiness revealing the rich, brown underbark. A beautiful growth habit and resistant to mildew, this variety will tolerate periods of dryness once established. These were all planned for the Sensory Gardens within Nerang. They were approved for planting but then we were later told by Council there were not on the ‘approved’ council tree planting list. Without going into full detail and finger pointing - it does make it very hard to make a true sensory garden.... #crepe #crepemyrtle #floweringtree #goldcoastgardening #goldcoastgarden #trees #plants #gardening #gardeningaustralia at Gold Coast, Queensland

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