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@bokitta  [Patented Hijab] Bokitta is for women that have places to be. It is timeless, innovative - it's the standard

4 hours ago

3 prints, each one comes in 2 styles: The " Jasmine" & the "Carnation". Which one are you? We are posting more pictures in our stories ✨

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5 hours ago

"Jasmine" ~ The Vital shirt

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6 hours ago

Soft to the touch, cool, highly absorbant, & easy to iron, thats all you need in a hot weather. If you have so many plain hijabs, then this blouse can be easily matched!

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20 hours ago

We designed 2 shirt styles for 2 different kinds of women. "Jasmine" is for the simple, classic kind of woman. While "Carnation" is more feminine & attractive but in a subtle way. It has ruffles on the shoulder and around the arm. You can really go unlimited in the way you style these pieces from layering the blouse with a blazer to tucking it under a wide leg pants or a skirt. You can pair it with so many plain hijabs ✨

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21 hours ago

About natural beauty ✨ ~

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22 hours ago

Our Limited Edition blouse collection will be available in Limited quantities and sizes in Malaysia only, on Friday Jan 25th, and soon at The blouses are made with Rayon fabric which is soft, smooth, cool, comfortable, and highly absorbent, but they do not insulate body heat, making them ideal for use in hot and humid climates. Price: $25 USD ~ 99 RM

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1 day ago

And a throwback to the "Rose Obsession" print 😉 ❤ Double tap if this is one of your favorite prints from the "La Vie en rose"

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1 day ago

A throwback to the "Romeo" print 🤩

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1 day ago

"Jasmine"...what could it be? Comment below 👇

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2 days ago

Some colorful tassels on your plain hijabs to cheerup your day! ☀️ . If you've been a #bokittalover since 2010, you would remember our debut collection of plains with tassels, this collection had a very special place in our heart ❤

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2 days ago

A film which is very known for "La vie en rose" is "Sabrina" (1954), sung by iconic actress Audrey Hepburn Playing the tune again... A glimpse of what's coming next...❤

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2 days ago

6 BASIC plains will be available on Friday, January 25th, in stores in Malaysia & Brunei, Grab them while they last!!!

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3 days ago

The two colors at the top are: ~ "Khamri" which means burgundy, maroon color. 💃 ~ and "Bounni" is brown 🍫 The colors look brighter than actual due to bright lighting

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3 days ago

Do you spot a color you've been waiting for? 😉 Naming our hijabs is as exciting as designing them, sometimes the name comes before the design because we get inspired by it. For the entire BASIC collection, we used the actual arabic name for each color. Turabi means "soil, earthy color", Zummurudi means "emerald stone", Azraq means "blue" , Dam al ghazal means "rich deer blood color" Coming soon!

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3 days ago

6 colors are coming your way!

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5 days ago

The BASICS are great on printed outfits, every womans needs these in every color!

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7 days ago

"None of us is as smart as all of us." ~ That's one of our favorite teamwork quotes.❤ . . Join our team. We are hiring a Marketing Coordinator - based in Malaysia. Please submit your cv to (

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