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6 days ago

Holy shit • This is a redraw from 2018, swipe to see the comparison ;3 Vechter changed so much oh god • #redraw #vechterkingofroyals *Sevas belongs to tagged ✨

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7 days ago

“Can you stop for a bit? I want your blood now.” “No.” (Really love that pillow lmao, also LONG TEXT AHEAD⚠) • Vesperus is definitely the type of vampire that kills by accident lmfao, he isn't that good controlling himself when he's sucking someone's blood sksk - Azazel goes to Vesper's mansion way too often bc he won't stop calling him to go "feed" him so you can say that he practically lives there. He just goes to his home to sleep and go to college* from there, after college he goes to see him. Vesper stays only w him for two reasons: 1. He's too lazy to go out and look for someone else 2. Azazel's blood tastes 👌👌 - * Reminder, he's only 15 y/o - The younger one didn't like Vesperus' presence at first, but since they made that deal that it's basically Azazel staying silent abt the city where the vampires live for the access to everything that he needed to college shit, he started to accept him. • #vesperusnefelle #azazelwalker #blxcks_ocinfo

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14 days ago

“Damn, where is he?” Swipe to see the progress + close ups Sorry that I couldn't keep the drawings lined up sksksk - While I was working on this I had to keep stopping bc there was always a reason to stop so this took me 3 days lmfao - ★°* This is literally a scene that I'm gonna write in the future and a little spoiler: he's dressed like that bc the scene happens in the yard of a castle, during a prom. • #ozielsawyer

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18 days ago

Here's the man!! I loved drawing him omg, I ended up with some scene of someone taking a picture of him somewhere... Possibly Amon? (Hopefully I got his name right aksksks) • Character belongs to tagged ;0

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21 days ago

Se flopar eu apago e nada aconteceu KKKKKK • I didn't want to but skskksks possibly deleting bc damn I'm almost hating my art atm • #gloriagroove

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1 month ago

Masquerade masks is such a kink • Close up only for Joker bc I like his looks best... Is there any chance of me deleting this? Yes. But I apparently went back to the process of enjoying my art again. Hopefully that happens soon. • #jokerentitycard #liddellarcadi

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2 months ago

I miss my angels ughh.. Gotta draw more of the (not so) holy bbs • I also really miss that time when my hair was literally like that but dark.. Golden times. • #arielguardianangel

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2 months ago

Soriena y'all [ғroм yeѕтerday] Vechter was a lucky man to have this woman by his side.. Ahh I should draw her more. • #sorienaqueenofroyals

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2 months ago

Since you posted him on your main then I thought it would be better to tag it than your nsfw ;3 • It looked better in my head :'') But I'm not completely bad about it. I personally like how the shading in the horns went out, although it almost killed me • cнaracтer вelongѕ тo perѕon тagged

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2 months ago

“Jok- Mhm.. Damn...” • Finally. Couldn't stand finding more mistakes... Drawings like this are the closest thing I will ever do to a comic. - He's good at it isn't he, Liddell? ',:))) I need to make this happen in my story with them k Rip bells tho • #jokerentitycard

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2 months ago

Vesperus babe... How did I even dare to forget about him? • I was going to add a background but that would take too much of me considering the situation I am right now, so I left it in that way. • #VesperusNefelle

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2 months ago

[Sorry for the repost, I wanted to add a thing in the end.] The feeling of finally seeing your character with a proper reference is so great. • I love his colors so much hh. Maybe now that I've changed his horns slightly it won't be that hard to draw in paper. - And about the last picture... Well I believe the highlight is the eyes. The face structure changed as well, but the eyes changed the most. I need to practice on noses, I've been drawing them so badly... • #jamesdeanshapeshifter #blxcks_ocs

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3 months ago

Fuck yEs Jimin released his first self composed song on the 30th and it's just beautiful so ofc I had to make a drawing. And this year I will definitely make drawings based off songs to test out my "creativity", especially from Bangtan so be ready • I had to remake this drawing twice but it's worth it aa 🖤✨ - Edit;; Just noticed that the drawing lyrics and the last slide's lyrics don't collide but that's bc I chose different sites but I suppose it doesn't really matter ;)

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3 months ago

I should have done something easier since I'm still going back to art but yeah here we go. Kind of regret already because the pose looks so awkward sjfhsj and I suck at smoke... Thank god glasses and ears are optional (个_个) • #koomstyle

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4 months ago

I was going to add a jealous Dean in this too but it didn't work so I did this simple background :') • I actually like how this turned out, even though Van Gogh thing is messy lmao • #geminiriguel #amasisquentin

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4 months ago

Tested the blending stump and FUCK it's so great, it helps so much, especially with faces. Anatomy lagged a bit but better than nothing- • Well here I introduce a new man, his name is Oziel. (Probably changing his design later though) Oziel is part of the Sawyer Family, or just "the Titanoboas" due to the fact that the family is completely composed of titanoboas. They're also the Dukes of Neón's(Vechter's sister) kingdom, which makes it understandable that they don't live in Mercury. Being asked by his mother, Oziel came back to Mercury some days before the first Prom after Neón's childs death and met Ryönieux at a bar. Since they found each other nice they became fuck friends and kept a 100% carnal relationship until Ryönieux accepted that he had fallen in love with Sieghal. Even after Ryö started dating, they still kept the friendship, this time being a common one. • #blxcks_ocinfo #ozielsawyer #ryonieuxanorror

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4 months ago

Fight poses are kinda complicated but very fun • Vechter has a secret room where he used to train whenever he wants or whenever he's pissed or something. Not even his children know about that room. He usually spends whole afternoons or mornings in there and no one but Sephiroth is allowed to go in there. Going there at night is rare. • #vectherkingofroyals #blxcks_ocinfo

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4 months ago

Fanart of @/megaynium's handsome Silcar ;)) • Idek if he has a TV but here he does and it's a retro one lmao I hope I got his design right, also hope this is good ;; The logo didn't work but yes he's drinking a Starbucks coffee skdkd

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