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Photo by @TimLaman. Hi and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know many of you have been following our work on the Birds-of-Paradise for many years. Now there is a chance for you to make a difference for these amazing birds, and all the biodiversity of Papua, where species like this incredible Red Bird-of-Paradise live. The government of West Papua, Indonesia, has declared their intent to be a “Conservation Province” or “Provinsi Konservasi” in Indonesian, and protect 70% of their land as forest, as well as protect vast marine areas. In December, there will an important vote in the Provincial government taking place to make this Conservation Province declaration into law, which is a very important first step in actually putting this noble goal into practice. People all over the world can support this cause by simply signing a petition to let the government of Papua know that we are aware of the amazing conservation leadership they are taking and wish to support and encourage them. Please go to the link in out IG profile and sign the petition organized by our good friends at @SeaLegacy, to help reach the goal of 30,000 signatures. It will only take a minute. Thanks for your support. #ProvinsiKonservasi #WestPapua #ConservationProvince #TanahPapua @birdsofparadiseproject

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Photo by @TimLaman. Red Bird-of-Paradise perched high in the canopy of Waigeo Island with Kabui Bay in the background. We are excited to be at the ICBE 2018 Conference in Manokwari, West Papua this week . See our new video “Tanah Papua - A Paradise for Birds” in link in our profile. Indonesia’s provinces of Papua and West Papua on island of New Guinea make up the Land of Papua or "Tanah Papua" in the Indonesian language. This region supports one of the only remaining large tropical forests in the world and is home to nearly half of Indonesia’s biodiversity. Over 600 species of birds are found in Papua, including 27 bird-of-paradise species, many of which live nowhere else on earth. Global interest in Papua’s birdlife is leading to increased opportunity for wildlife tourism and bringing newfound economic benefits to local communities. Sustainable development is not only important for the future of Papua’s forests and people, but also for the world. The Cornell Lab’s Birds-of-Paradise Project is working with the Governments of Papua and West Papua and other international partners to further science, engagement and conservation of the region’s biodiversity with a focus on the birds-of-paradise. #ICBE2018, #Papua, #TanahPapua, #Birdsofparadise, #cornelllabofornithology

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Photo by @TimLaman. The afternoon light catches the yellow and white flank-plumes of this adult male Lesser Bird-of-Paradise from West Papua, Indonesia. Fully plumed males often pause to call and scan for potential mates and rivals as they make their way to the communal display tree. This widespread species, which ranges from the Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, Indonesia to the western part of Huon Peninsula in Papua New Guinea, is one of the three closely related ones that many people think of as *the* birds-of-paradise. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #PapuaNewGuinea #Indonesia #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #cendrawasih @TimLaman

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Photo by @TimLaman. A female Goldie’s Bird-of-Paradise appears mesmerized by the crimson-red plumes of the male as he performs his head-down courtship display. If you look carefully, you can see that the wire-like feathers of his tail are touching her undersides. Does this species’ courtship have an important tactile component like the Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise does? It sure looks like it. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #PapuaNewGuinea @TimLaman

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Photo by @TimLaman. A male Goldie’s Bird-of-Paradise flaps his wings while calling during a courtship display. Like the Red Bird-of-Paradise, this species is also an island endemic with a tiny distribution. It is found on only two islands, Fergusson and Normanby, in the D’Entrecasteaux chain off the eastern end of Papua New Guinea. The most extraordinary feature of the males, beyond their crimson-colored flank plumes, is their dynamic vocal repertoire. Male Goldie’s usually display in a pair of two males and vocalize in male-male “duet”. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #PapuaNewGuinea @TimLaman

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Video by @TimLaman for BBC ‘Planet Earth 2’. A male Red Bird-of-Paradise courts a female at close range on a branch of a high canopy display site on Waigeo Island in the Raja Ampat Islands of Indonesia. This clip is part of the birds-of-paradise sequence in the “Jungles” episode of the BBC’s landmark series Planet Earth 2. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #RajaAmpat #PlanetEarth2 @BBCAmerica @TimLaman

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Photo by @TimLaman. A male Red Bird-of-Paradise caught in a dramatic pose while calling during a courtship display from his tree-top display perch. Behind him are the two extraordinary ribbon-like central tail feathers, which have the look and feel of plastic. The surface of these feathers is fused so that there are no discernable branches off the central shaft as in a typical feather. The other species in the genus also have elongated tail feathers, but the ribbons of the Red Bird-of-Paradise are the most unusual. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #RajaAmpat @TimLaman

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Photo by @TimLaman. With wings lifted and partially spread, a male Red Bird-of-Paradise performs a part of his courtship display from his tree-top display site. One of the most distinctive features of this species are the elongated, iridescent emerald-green feathers above each eye, which form an unusual facial ornament during display. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #RajaAmpat @TimLaman

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Photo by @TimLaman. As dawn breaks, a male Red Bird-of-Paradise prepares for his morning courtship ritual at the top of the forest canopy. Found only on the Indonesian islands of Batanta, Gam and Waigeo in the Raja Ampat Group west of New Guinea, this species has evolved in isolation from its nearest relatives on the mainland. While not the only member of the genus with red plumes or even the reddest bird-of-paradise species (a distinction that goes to the King Bird-of-Paradise), the common English name of this species nevertheless comes from the rich crimson color of its elongate flank plumes. @birdsofparadiseproject #CornellLabofOrnithology #birdsofparadise #yearofthebird #WestPapua #IndonesiaBiodiversity #Indonesia #RajaAmpat @TimLaman

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