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@bethsistrunk  Oil painter, plot twister and puppet creator for my imaginary candyland themed realm called Everland. Painting inquiries: @rehscontemporary

2 months ago

A detail of the lollipop from “Caramel Popcorn” at Gaillard Center

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2 months ago

Jasper is coming along nicely. Still a bit of work to go on his upper body and face before his first photoshoot. Plus clothes and teeth; I suppose rabbits do need teeth for gnawing on things. But on the subject of clothes I’m torn between a cross between modern day with light touches of Victorian and steam punk details. But the latter might seem very confining to a rabbit and would it necessarily be something they would choose? I fondly remember the catatonic collapse of my childhood cat when she was fully dressed for participation in one of my many animal fashion shows back in the 80’s. She looked beautiful if it weren’t for the sour scow and tail angrily whipping about. #felting #softsculpture #resineyes #marchmeetthemaker #talesofeverland #bethsistrunk

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3 months ago

The first time I remember having popcorn I was about 4-5 and was so exited to have a friend over and watch the Wizard of OZ. I loved the buttery, salty goodness that my mom had popped fresh and put into a pretty paper bag with strawberries printed in it. Do you remember your first popcorn experience? “Buttered Popcorn” 6x6” Oil & Acrylic on panel is on its way to the Palm Beach Art & Antique Show with @rehscontemporary opening on the 13th #palmbeachart #rehscontemporary #zerocalories #orvilleredenbacher #butteredpopcorn #dapper #lollipop #dessertfirst #yummysnack #bethsistrunk #instaarte #oilpainting #fun at Palm Beach County Convention Center

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4 months ago

When I was a kid I always looked forward to fall. My favorite holidays and seasonal flavors along with the beautiful autumn leaves made for a great time of year. “Candy Corn” is a tribute to that. This work will be on view at the @laartshow January 23-27th DM @rehscontemporary or e-mail for tickets to the show or to inquire about the work. VIP opening tonight at 6pm general admission from 7pm -11pm. I wish I could be there and hope everyone with the pleasure of attending has a great time! #havefuneveryone #rehscontemporary #laartshow2019 #californiaart #lollipops #candyland #moistvanillacake #candycorn #italianmeringuebuttercream #dessertlover #artshow #artcollectorsofig at Los Angeles Convention Center

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