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@bershkacollection  Remember that the first rule of fashion is that there are no rules. ▶️ share your look with #bershkastyle

13 hours ago

Today from Bershka offices, community managers be flexing like 😎

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2 days ago

Who needs a doggo hug today? 🐕 #bershkastyle (ref:326/631)

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3 days ago

There’s no room for them in heaven 😘

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4 days ago

Friday, we are ready for you 💪 #bershkastyle (ref:1330/551)

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5 days ago

💋 LOVE HAS NO RULES. Let’s kiss! Our Valentine’s tees are made for getting together 😘 #bershkalovestories

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6 days ago

Left or right? (We know you'll say both 😂)

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7 days ago

💋 LOVE HAS NO RULES: And your Instagram stories need these stickers 😍 #bershkalovestories

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8 days ago

💋 LOVE HAS NO RULES. Be you. Love freely. ⠀ Share your story using the hashtag #bershkalovestories

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9 days ago

💋 LOVE HAS NO RULES. Whatever love means to you, wear it proudly with our Valentine’s tees. #bershkalovestories

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10 days ago

What % of 🍕 would you be?

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11 days ago

💋LOVE HAS NO RULES. The Valentine’s collection, with love from Bershka. #bershkalovestories

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