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24 days ago

So long for now, NYC. I called you home for the last five years and you sure taught me a heck of a lot. I know I’ll be back at some point and you’ll still be here and just as crazy. Next stop, San Francisco!

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28 days ago

Heading home from Barcelona with so much gratitude. A huge huge huge thank you to my fellow crushers @grahamgarvie and @eva_maria_zoll who flew all the way here for the opening of “Despues Del La Fin Del Mon”. It was a dream come true to see this Overview maze come to life in such an incredible museum and it was even more special to share the experience with friends. To many more adventures in the future. See you soon USA!

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1 month ago

Having a brutal time in London

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2 months ago

✌🏼for now LA (⤵️)

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3 months ago

I’m humbled and excited to say that my TEDx talk was just posted on the main TED website. Once again, this project continues to go places far beyond my wildest expectations and I hope this additional exposure is an opportunity to spread the much-needed perspective found in the Overview Effect. Link in my bio to check it out!

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3 months ago

Off to Burning Man! If you’ll be there, shoot me a message in the next 24 hours or come visit at LoveCow (9:45 and Esplanade). See you on the Playa!

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3 months ago

Awe. One of my favorite shots from yesterday’s eclipse - in the moments after totality - as seen from Casper, Wyoming. I think it's possible for a picture to capture an experience, but this one certainly was (s)undescribable.

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3 months ago

Earn your Overviews. Thanks for showing me the way @dunclogie

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5 months ago


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5 months ago

The people, the sky, and the honor of sharing my work in Hjo have all been magical. I hope I'm lucky enough to come back here one day soon.

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5 months ago

Hej Sverige 🇸🇪

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5 months ago

What an incredible weekend celebrating #natoline with these legends

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6 months ago

Tel Aviv was 👌🏽 but had to Split

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6 months ago

So sababa, TLV

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7 months ago

Last month I had the opportunity to speak at TEDxSkoll about the Overview Effect and why this perspective is so vital (🌎🛰📸👌🏼). The talk was just posted on YouTube and I’d be honored if you gave it a view. Link is now up in bio!

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