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4 days ago

When I thought it was a good idea to jump off the track and into the untouched snow, I hadn’t considered how deep it actually was🙈 at Ylläs

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11 days ago

If it wasn’t so god damn cold I could sit here for hours👀 . . 📷 @ffafa at Ylläs

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18 days ago

An empty road, tall mountains and snow covered tops translate into this; run like no ones watching🏔🏃🏽‍♀️ at Banff, Alberta

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25 days ago

Such a peaceful moment at Moraine lake. Soaking in all the goodness of this icy blue water❄️ On a side note: I was seriously worried about falling into this freezing cold water as I was climbing out there🙈 at Moraine Lake

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28 days ago

Hard to imagine how the night we spent out on Maligne Lake could have been more magical, we even had snowfall at one point😍 at Maligne Lake

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1 month ago

Probably the coziest little town I have ever visited, especially during winter when all the rooftops are covered with snow❄️ at Hallstatt, Austria

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2 months ago

A magical evening in Canada under the northern lights✨ Although it wasn’t as defined and clear as I’m used to in Norway, it was still incredible to witness northern lights here, where I did not expect to see it at all! -Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your evening will be as magical as this one☝🏼💛 #whpmagical at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park

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2 months ago

Definition of happiness! Well, at least for me, @huskyzulu looks a tad grumpy🐶 Pretty sure she is happy on the inside though, she just doesn’t like to show it🙈

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2 months ago

So confusing, pretty sure I’m in Canada but this seriously looks like Milford Sound🤷🏻‍♀️☁️ at Cloudy Mind.

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2 months ago

From a moody morning in the wilderness of Mt. Baker. We had planned to stay in Washington for two days but it was hard to see anything because the fog was really thick, so we actually canceled all our plans and just drove back to Canada. Oh well, at least we got some moody shots🤷🏻‍♀️ at Mount Baker Wilderness

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2 months ago

Calm and peaceful morning out in the wild, that’s my kind of mindfulness🙏🏼 at Jasper National Park

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2 months ago

The first snowfall of the year always brings me so much joy, and I can’t help but to release my inner child once again❄️ at Peyto Lake

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2 months ago

@huskyzulu has experienced real amounts of snow for the first time, and she is finally in her rightful element! Snow also reflects light, making the few hours of daylight that we have now brighter and nicer!❄️ at Oslo, Norway

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3 months ago

Okay, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t post close up photos of myself, mainly because I want nature and stunning scenery to be in focus, but also because I find it kinda uncomfortable being so exposed. My good friend @ffafa spoke some words of wisdom and gave me the push I needed to challenge myself. So here we go... Hope you enjoy this post of me having a happy moment in Canada!✨ at Banff, Alberta

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3 months ago

One of the best memories I have from this summer was carrying @huskyzulu across the mountain, and then spending the night at this beautiful beach in Lofoten😍🙌🏼 let’s do it all over again next summer! Okay, maybe not the part where I carry her😅 at Lofoten

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3 months ago

Calm mornings like these gives an opportunity for a timeout from the hustle and bustle we’re surrounded by, and IT makes it clearer to see what true beauty really is✨ . . . . @canada #visualsoflife #nakedplanet #earthspots #earthpix #roamtheplanet #welivetoexplore #moodygrams #earthofficial #roamtheplanet #beautifuldestinations #discoverer #voyaged #wildernessculture #discoverearth #enjoycanada #livefolk #stayandwander #earthfocus #visualsofearth #outdoortones #earthoutdoors10k at Joffre, Alberta

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3 months ago

Me in my white dress, on a beautiful morning somewhere in Norway✨ at Odda, Norway

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3 months ago

One of my best memories from this summer... Nothing says home like the midnight sun☀️ at North Norway

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