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@benedettodemaio  👨🏻‍🎨 Images craftsman 👨🏻‍🏫 Art teacher 🎨 Painter / Illustrator / Visual artist 📱 Content creator 🌊 Sea lover 📍Milan | from Bagnara Calabra 🇮🇹

2 days ago

{ Rising rainbow } • Every morning should start in this way. #colorfulawakening

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5 days ago

{ Audience } • All too often I hear talk about numbers, statistics, engagement, reach... What a bore! I think rather that the main functions of a creative content creator are to share more creativity and produce more creative people, not more likes and followers. So be creative and above all have fun!

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10 days ago

{ #🖤 } • Save it, share it, send it to those you love, keep it for yourself or simply give it a double tap.

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14 days ago

{ Pastel suburbs } • Those dawns on the city that promise a day full of beauty. at Parco Adriano

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18 days ago

{ Spelling } • Words have weight, words are important. Use them wisely. P.S. What is your favorite word? Share it with me.

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23 days ago

{ Fix it } • Some periods seem like skeins of problems to unravel. Nothing is, however, so bad that there is not some good in it somewhere. #incurableoptimist

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27 days ago

{ Chest sky x-rays } • It’s extraordinary how some elements of nature remind us of some elements of our body, how what is outside reconnects with what is inside in a fascinating game of references. Learn to see the world with new eyes. #lungtree

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1 month ago

{ Hitch } • Keep in mind: there will always be an unexpected that overturn what you do. Often for the better. #thinkpositive

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1 month ago

{ Fertilization } • The beginning of an idea. #conception

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1 month ago

{ L'Empire des lumières } • That magical moment of the day when the Sun turns off and the dreams light up. at Bagnara Calabra

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2 months ago

{ First of all } • The better way to start a new year is do it with colors. #colorsfirst

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2 months ago

{ New Year’s resolutions } • Finding a new balance.

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