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5 months ago

An Emmy Award. Technical Achievement: Low Latency Remote Controlled Video Platforms for Television There’s way more to to it than that and some transparency is needed for a post like this in my mind. We received this award back in April, but the words haven’t come to me as to how I’d want to share this in fear of how it would be received. My hopes are that it doesn’t change a thing. We’ll still show up and give it our best. Our work isn’t going to be perfect because this is sitting on our shelf, but you better believe that slowing down to reflect on the things that matter are front of mind and successfully bringing creative visions to life will keep us coming back for more. Every time. This overly polished and thoughtfully crafted chunk of alloy represents several things. Sacrifice. We work on movies, TV and all sorts of really interesting projects that we’re “sworn into secrecy” before we even turn on a camera. That doesn’t reveal the details like dropping you’re personal plans at a moment's notice to carry several hundred pounds of gear through an airport to be on the other side of the world in less than 24hrs...for weeks at a time. Preserving what seems like a normal personal and work life is the biggest challenge at times. Opportunity. @snaprollmedia is a group of people that have been doing what we do since before it was “cool.” Thankfully along the way some sacrifice and connecting with the right people has allowed for opportunities to evolve. Problem solving is a more accurate description of what we do, so “biting off more than you can chew” is just what it takes. It’ll buff out. People. The ones we cross paths with, work for, get yelled at by, grab dinner and drinks with and our own team of operators that travels to and from jobs together. On some days we’d all prefer to just fly drones at each other’s heads, but when our individual gifts start to work in harmony things get radical and we do what we do. We’re just an element of the creative process in most scenarios, so when our specific task goes well it’s very rewarding. The friends I’ve made doing this will last a lifetime. Thanks for reading. #emmys #technicalachievement #drones

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