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5 days ago

Lurch, Gomez and the rest of The Adams Family cast invite you through their creaking gates. The Adams Family Musical. Friday and Saturday at 7pm and a Sunday Matinee at 2pm. Trumansburg High School. at Trumansburg, New York

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1 month ago

Ear piercing today for our meat herd. Pretty pink for the girls, blue for the boars and purple for the castrates. No drama, no blood, and about 20 seconds to get it done. Pigs are happy and eating again. It is important to keep accurate records for a breeding operation and being able to identify pigs is necessary. Statistics help us understand our herds performance and monitor progress, determine sound breeding strategy and genetic lines that should stay or possibly go. #responsiblebreeders #workinghard #geneticallysuperior #kunekune at Bel Canto Farm Kunekunes

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1 month ago

Every color side by side is so much more beautiful!

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