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2 months ago

The kind of love that isn’t validated by a post on social is priceless. Then again, so is the look on @dellysketokitchen face during her surprise bday celebration last weekend! Happy birthday eshgham. Thank you to all of our friends who made her day so special. Swipe 👉 to see the videos! at Press Club

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4 months ago

FREE streaming of @fahrenheit11_9 now on @amazon prime! Flint’s own @michaelfmoore directed another classic for the history books and I am beyond proud to have contributed live footage from the grounds of the #flintwatercrisis. Look out for my feature debut entitled: #bedrock for a more intimate take on matter.

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4 months ago

The future is now 🚀

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4 months ago

Sundae Driver x @terpx 👄🧠💫

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5 months ago

Christmas 18’ 👸🏻🤴🏻

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5 months ago

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” - @etthehiphoppreacher

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5 months ago

Flint ... learn all about our city, the water crisis, how it happened and how we are recovering in my upcoming feature Debut entitled: “BEDROCK”. #inlikeflint #bedrock

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6 months ago

There are only 2 days out of the year that you can’t get anything done: yesterday and tomorrow.

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6 months ago

History repeats itself. We know this feeling all too well in my hometown Flint, Mi. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the hard working men and women who are affected. Learn more about this planned obsolescence from my mentor @michaelfmoore in his 1st documentary “ROGER & ME” and about the consequences these communities will suffer in my upcoming feature debut “BEDROCK”

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