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Sunlight streams in regal threads through the cloud cover above, as this sprawling British capital begins to stir with the dawn. @tmnikonian snagged this shot of the London Eye — a cantilevered observation wheel, and the largest in Europe — in the early hours of the morning. Travel tip: Tickets to ride the Eye start at 25 British Pounds, (around $33 U.S. dollars), and can be purchased online. (📷:@tmnikonian 📍: London, United Kingdom) at London, United Kingdom

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#BDteam creator @loganlambert shares this moment from a trip to Northern Vietnam. "I didn’t know a single thing about Ha Giang before going. It’s the most northern and poorest providence in Vietnam, due to its mountainous topography. It was also the last area in the country to be opened to tourists, meaning it's still relatively under the radar — and it has some of the most untouched and gorgeous terrains I've ever seen. If you find yourself in Vietnam, this place needs to be on your list." Tag someone who needs to add this to their bucket list. (📷: @loganlambert 📍: Ha Giang Vietnam) at Hà Giang

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@kyrenian captured this charming shot of Hallstatt looking like a real-life snowglobe this winter. The tiny Austrian village is home to under 800 residents and sits on the Western shore of Lake Hallstatt, at the forefront of the forested, alpine region of Salzkammergut. It is undoubtedly one of Austria's hidden gems and most picturesque destinations. Would you spend the holidays here next year? (🎥: @kyrenian 🎶: "You and Me" by @shalloumusic 📍: Hallstatt, Austria) at Hallstatt, Austria

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Golden hour in "The City of Lights." Paris-based photographer @davideor94 shares this shot of his favorite park in the city and the intricate facade of its urban pond, dotted within quiet tangerine bursts of the crinkled leaves from the sleepy trees nearby. What's the best park to visit in your city? (📷: @davideor94 📍: Paris, France) at Paris, France

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"Dog sledding in Coldfoot, Alaska at negative 28.89 degrees Celcius was pretty insane. I couldn’t feel my hands for a while, and my nose was bleeding so bad; however, nothing can beat that view so I decided to shoot!" Filmmaker @neohumanity shares with us the backstory and the extreme dedication he had to have while filming this scene as he, and his canine team, sped across the snowy backcountry of Alaska. Where have you trekked to capture stunning views? (🎥: @neohumanity 📍: Coldfoot, Alaska) at Coldfoot, Alaska

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On a recent trip to northern Norway, travel photographer @daniel_ernst was surprised to see how much light lingered during the night in the Arctic Circle. "The snow in combination with the moon — it almost turns the night into day, and you find yourself walking through places without any headlamp." Would you venture this far north to witness the moonlit landscape in person? (📷: @daniel_ernst 📍: Norway) at Norway

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Ivory and dusty blue cracks rove across the frozen surface of this ancient lake in Russia, carving frantic patterns in the crystalline ice in their jagged weaves. The freshwater Lake Baikal sits on the southeastern edge of Siberia, located just north of Mongolia's border. At an estimated depth of a stunning 1,642 meters, it is considered to be the deepest lake in the world. Travel tip: If you'd like to visit the lake in this crystalline state, plan your trip between the months of January and May when the lake is typically frozen. (📸: @hobopeeba 📍: Baikal, Russia) at Baikal Lake

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"Where you are helps, but who you’re with matters most.💛 I hope wherever you are, you find your joy." — @chelseakauai. Whether or not you're celebrating #ValentinesDay in your corner of the world today, don't forget there are still 364 other days of the year to spread a little extra love. (📷: @chelseakauai and @samkolder 📍Seychelles) at Seychelles

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Misty moss-covered mountains, sprawling, lava-run fields, energizing waterfalls, and snow-capped charcoal peaks — these are just some of the land's many faces in Iceland. #BDteam creator @tomjauncey captured a video of this must-see destination — Thórsmörk, a stunning mountain ridge located in the southern part of the country. "This was one of those moments that felt like a movie in the making — standing on top of a volcano as the fog started to descend all around us. It was the perfect end to a four-hour hike up the Thórsmörk mountains.” Have you been to the land of fire and ice? (🎥: @tomjauncey 🎶: "Always" by @aboveandbeyond📍: #Iceland) at Thórsmörk

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The air was cold and quiet; nothing stirred in the snow-covered landscape apart from the frenzied burst of fire up into the belly of the hot balloon waiting to join the sky for the looming, berry-kissed sunrise. Would you wake up early to take a winter, sunrise journey in the sky? (📷: @ahmet.erdem 📍: Cappadocia) at Cappadocia

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British writer and actor David Mitchell once said, “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” On a misty afternoon, suspended over the dense jungles of West Java, along the wooden walkway of a lofted bridge, through the labyrinth of manicured tea fields, and atop charcoaled peaks, @eloisegroves ventured to see who she would find. Where have you met yourself in the world? (🎥: @nics_mindset 📍: West Java) at West Java

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Drive half an hour west of Downtown Los Angeles, towards the Pacific, and you enter a sunny, colorful-filled world by the water. Santa Monica has long been an icon of the West Coast — with its whimsical, carnival pier and nearby work out haven, Muscle Beach. Spend the afternoon getting back in touch with your inner child, playing on the beach, riding the amusement park rides, and indulging in all of the classic carnival cuisines — deep-fried twinkies, corn dogs, salty popcorn, and bubblegum-pink cotton candy. Who would you want to spend an afternoon with here? (📷: @harimaolee 📍: Santa Monica, California ) at Santa Monica, California

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