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@beataryden  ⭐️ Photographic artist living on the rainy west coast of Sweden.

20 days ago

A series of new work for @newoperaco and their performance Regrets that premieres this fall! at Atalante

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23 days ago


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25 days ago

Autumn is getting closer. I'm waiting for new life to be born, daydreaming about crispy walks in sunshine among colorful leaves flying in chilly wind. Newly made hot black coffee in a too big cup. Interrupted thoughts and overwhelming love. Short nights and laughs and cries. Lullabies and baby talk. Well... I have no idea, of course. But I do love autumn!

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1 month ago

Very soon someone new is entering my life, someone that is already here, but invisible. Someone who lives inside of me in a protective bubble filled with water. Someone I can feel and touch with my palm, but only with my own body in between. Growing a new life is surreal and scary and tough and magical. It reminds me of the ocean. Neverending, beautiful, glittering, stormy, calm, adventurous.

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1 month ago

"The cloudmaker"

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3 months ago


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5 months ago

Little girl

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9 months ago

Happy new year! 🌟 I'm starting this year with lots of coffee and a happy heart. I'm excited to see what will happen. I have tons of plans but still my calendar is empty. However, I feel less and less afraid nowadays. Nothing can be controlled and I'm starting to accept the fact that the future will always be uncertain. You will never know. You will change. Your circumstances will change. The world will change. I know that I want to be in movement again. In 2017 I was still. Contemplating. Worrying. In 2018 I want to roll like a snowball growing bigger and bigger. I want to grow like a colourful flower on a chilly field in spring, flap my wings like the light butterflies of summer and dance in the storms like a tiny autumn leaf. Everything is better than stagnation. Even a storm. Storms and sunrises and heavy rains and flashes: Here I come.

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10 months ago


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10 months ago

Peaceful and quiet

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10 months ago

To the moon and back

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10 months ago

I wish you all a magical Friday ☄ Don't forget to care for each other and please think again before entering a store to shop for #blackfriday. It's not a good deal if you don't need it.

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10 months ago

A somewhat unlucky house 🌧 (but actually quite cosy don't you think?)

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10 months ago


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11 months ago

Don't tell.

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11 months ago

"Doubt doesn’t go away because you’ve gotten the answers, but because you’ve gotten over the questions."

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11 months ago

"This is it" Model:

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