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10 days ago

Peaceful and quiet

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13 days ago

To the moon and back

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18 days ago

I wish you all a magical Friday ☄ Don't forget to care for each other and please think again before entering a store to shop for #blackfriday. It's not a good deal if you don't need it.

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24 days ago

A somewhat unlucky house 🌧 (but actually quite cosy don't you think?)

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28 days ago

Don't tell.

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29 days ago

"Doubt doesn’t go away because you’ve gotten the answers, but because you’ve gotten over the questions."

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1 month ago

Imagine a bird flying above you singing all your sorrows screaming out your dreams. Imagine the sound, too loud, will you listen though it hurts?

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1 month ago

Carrying what needs to be carried and letting the rest go.

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1 month ago

Autumn is getting darker. The leaves are taking off for their journey down to the ground. Grey skies and less color. But there's still time for roses.

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1 month ago

Leaves falling. Autumn slowly drifting into foggy rainy grey evenings. I long for all the lights in the middle of winter. Shining stars, glowing candles and glittering city lights.

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1 month ago

Dreaming and drifting ☁️ I try not to be a drifter. To DECIDE for myself and my future. To commit. But this seems impossible. Because I'm committed to my heart. My art. My inner peace. These seem to be the only things I'm fully capable of comitting to. And maybe it's okay to be a drifter. Maybe that's just what life is?

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2 months ago

Taking small steps into the future. Whispering comforting words in my ear: "It's okay dear, It's okay. We walk slowly and we are scared but it's okay! Just hold my hand."

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2 months ago

Trust yourself. Making a decision sometimes forces you to grow in areas where you’re not comfortable. When you second guess yourself, it’s usually because of that discomfort. But it’s important to remember that change happens incrementally. Even if you’re not seeing an obvious positive result yet, it might be coming. And your broader intentions led you there for that reason. (Text from Tiny Buddha 🌟)

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2 months ago

Me too. Supporting the #metoo campaign with this artwork by @witchoria . I'm so impressed by everyone sharing their stories of sexual harassment 💛 Maybe history will change and these things won't be secret and hidden away anymore?

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2 months ago

Ode to the stars 🌟

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