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3 days ago

Ode to the stars 🌟

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5 days ago

Ode to imagination 🌟

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6 days ago

Autumnal bliss.

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8 days ago

The best way out is always through. ~ Robert Frost

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12 days ago

Finding peace. This is the first image I made for this series and it's so long ago 😮 Almost 6 years! This was shot in October/November when the leaves where covering the ground. Time travels but my mind and imagination seems to stay pretty much the same!

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15 days ago

Self portrait from 2013 😋 Can you relate?

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17 days ago

Today I joined in a manifestation against Nazis walking the streets of Gothenburg. We were so many people together, talking, listening to live music and dancing. It was so beautiful and Gothenburg I love you! 💓 In my world, what could ever be better than that? What could possibly be better than people coming together and lifting each other up? It's horrible that these opinions still exist and we have to do everything we can to fight them! #inganazisterpåvåragator

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18 days ago

I'm trying to listen to what my heart says. It whispers in the night. Tries to stop me from turning into the wrong path. But there's so much noise everywhere. It's hard to hear. But I try and I won't give up. Life is too precious not to take your heart seriously 💜

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19 days ago

Coffee everyday keeps the doctor away 😊

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27 days ago

"Until we let ourselves access the fear, we don’t have the opportunity to be courageous."

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1 month ago

I have longed for Autumn and it's finally here!!!

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1 month ago

Autumn has finally arrived in Sweden and I'm celebrating by sharing this old photo of myself with some flying leaves 😉 Happy Autumn everyone! Let's hope for lots of rain and colorful woods 🌿🍁🌲

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1 month ago

Head in the clouds- always! But also: feet steady on the ground. Making decisions and sticking by them. Growing roots deep down in the soil. Taking care of ordinary stuff like paying bills and cleaning the house. Routine and work. It's not all play. The moments in between are the gems, where happiness can be found. The sip of coffee in the morning. The good talk with a friend. The cooking of an autumn pie. Happy Sunday!

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2 months ago

"Wildest moments" with a bit of @Instagram filter on it (vintage edition) 😉 Cause sometimes I just love to use filter on my art that took hours to edit in Photoshop 🙈

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2 months ago

Finding peace

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3 months ago

Sleep Paralysis. Full image. From The Sleep Project 2014. Shot on Iceland.

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3 months ago

Sleep paralysis. Close up from The Sleep Project shot on Iceland in 2014.

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3 months ago

The Universe through my eyes 🌛☄

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