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@barilla  Discover the Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with horseradish recipe shine in "The Party" spot!

24 hours ago

Discover our easy-to-cook Red Lentil Penne with broccoli, Leek and Parsley, a gluten-free, protein-rich and surprisingly tasty recipe. Enjoy the difference!

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2 days ago

Turning a recipe into a tasty masterpiece is a question of skills and talent and that special touch that creates a true cooking signature.

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3 days ago

Just four simple ingredients and a whole lot of generous Mediterranean spirit: "The Party" spot stars Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with horseradish by @davideoldani and @rogerfederer as we know and love it. Find out more through the link in our bio!

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7 days ago

Every pro knows that flawless prepping technique is key to stay at the top of your game.

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9 days ago

“The final concept was inspired by a dish of Spaghetti No. 5 seen from above. Approaching pasta, first raw and rigid, and later cooked.” explains @domenico__romeo the mastermind behind the artwork inserted on the jacket worn by @RogerFederer in our spot. “We arrived at this kind of golden sphere which also evoked my own work, so a linear style which reminded the flow of spaghetti on a plate”. Go to our IGTV for more #MastersOfPasta

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15 days ago

Delicious pasta and dapper guests: here are some of our favorite candids taken between the scenes of The Party.⭐️ #MastersOfPasta

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17 days ago

The extra-talented @mikaelashiffrin shining bright outside the slopes. 😍 Head on over to our IGTV 📺 for the backstage interviews!  #MastersOfPasta

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20 days ago

This Fall/Winter, we’re teaming up with GCDS for a limited-edition streetwear capsule collection and marketing campaign for Christmas 2019. Giuliano Calza, Creative Director, chose #fuchsia for this limited edition as this is the color he introduced into his streetwear collection when he first started. It conveys a sense of inclusivity to the always-evolving concept of family: not only the one you are born into, but also the one you choose and create with your experiences. Happy to collaborate with you @giulianocalza and @gcdswear 🍝

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21 days ago

Beauty is in the details: discover all about the chef jacket with artist @domenico__romeo’s artwork, that @rogerfederer wore for our latest campaign The Party. 👨‍🍳 More on our IG TV. #MastersOfPasta

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26 days ago

Barilla brings you behind the scenes of its latest campaign with Roger Federer, Davide Oldani, Mikaela Shiffrin, Pietro Aradori, Cecilia Zandalasini and Marcella Filippi. 🍝🎉 #MastersOfPasta

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1 month ago

Coral color meets our Spaghetti N°5 in an exquisite creation with beetroots, carrots and tomatoes. Discover the recipe on IGTV.

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