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29 days ago

Merry Christmas from my families to yours

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2 months ago

Weird flex, but ok

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2 months ago

Guess who's back in the stands this year at Fiserv Forum

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4 months ago

Waking up for the sunrise by choice was a strange turn of events at Atwater Beach

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5 months ago

Thankful for @northwesternsportsmed and all the fellow interns I've had the chance to work with this summer. There's no one else I'd want to survive through camp with (even when Sharon tried leaving me in Kenosha) It's been amazing, but game week for the team means first week of school for me #B1GCats at Ryan Field

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6 months ago

Who knew a summer full of khakis, polos, and 4am wake ups could be this amazing at Northwestern University

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7 months ago

Thankful she came to visit so my day off was spent laying on a beach instead of laying in bed at Evanston, Illinois

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7 months ago

Swipe left for all the pics sean didn't wanna take

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10 months ago

Brought the family home for Easter ๐Ÿ’ at Oswego, Illinois

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10 months ago

I went some pretty dope places this break, so obviously I had to see them upside down too

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11 months ago

Artsy look away or cautious stare down with a pigeon? at Santa Monica Pier

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11 months ago

Sun(ny)day โ˜€๏ธ

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11 months ago

My hair turns red during the winter because the Wisconsin cold takes my soul #gingerjokes

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11 months ago

Always good to see Mrs. Carino, not always good to see a Marquette loss at Wintrust Arena

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11 months ago

Swipe left for a personality pic #aotuesday

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