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3 hours ago

[PR gift] So, I guess this one will join the other products I've finish. This serum has a nice watery, yet consistent texture. Definitely like a smoothie. It has a strange herbal scent, almost like, fresh cut grass with a more oily scent, like when you smell nuts. I know it sounds weird but it's not bothering. It takes a few seconds to sink into your skin. It is supposed to calm inflamed skin (thanks to Quandong which contains more Vitamin C than orange). It never broke me out, neither does it help to brighten my complexion (I previously use vitamin C to get rid of hyperpigmentation spots). So what does it do? Well, it gives a nice shot of hydration (which is well needed for my combination - dehydrated skin) so I would label it as an hydrating serum for me. It is retailed $40 AUS which is around $30 US. This product was gifted by the brand, I definitely appreciate using it but I don't think I'll purchase it in the futur. I'll try to find something that can help with hyperpigmentation. I'll stick to my veggies in my plate πŸ˜‰ Have a lovely Saturday (product was gifted but it's my own opinion) #greenserum #hydratingserum

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1 day ago

[PR Gift] So... I seriously hit pan. Here's the bottom of @kjaerweis Lip Balm. Seriously soothing and healing my chapped lips. Doesn't feel sticky, comfortable under lipstick. The only down side is you finish it too soon. Hopefully there's refill but I still a bit expensive for anyone who's on a budget. I mean, the packaging is so cool, it's so nice for your lips but as a student, I can't afford to spend 20 euros for a refill which will last 2 months! So I will definitely keep the packaging and wait for a better moment to refill it! Have a lovely weekend everyone #textureshot #lipbalm #macroskincare

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2 days ago

[PR Gift] Have a good weekend everyone! I wish I could bath in the sun everyday! Kiss with @kyprisbeauty #faceoil

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3 days ago

[PR gift] This is my rendez-vous for Valentine's day. A ray of sunshine to warm my soul (I borrowed the expression to @desseydoll 🌹), sweet treat for my tummy, a good book to elope from this reality towards a new one and a mask to shed my skin (I'm a lizard). What are your plans for tonight? I do not agree to the whole V day thing, especially when you see brands using this event to boost their sales. It's okay. If you want something then why wait for a special day? I'm learning to love myself and this world every passing day so, V day should definitely be a synonym for everyday 😘 You are loved. Kiss πŸ’š (the product is brand new and I'll try it in the following weeks). PS : the book is from the French author Bernard Werber. He wrote the '' Ants ''. Definitely a reference for me. #vdayeveryday #lovetheworld

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4 days ago

[PR gift] First time talking about hair care on my account! . @uberliss sent me an huge package which contains among others their Hydrating Shampoo. Überliss (which means Super Smooth) is a brand developed in the US but seems to be produced in Brazil. Their lines are designed for professional stylist but they do sell products (especially it the maintenance part). I know that @lifestyle_engineered tried the binding treatment. I have one too but I still need to try it to form my opinion. . I want to share my first thoughts about their Hydrating Shampoo. It's a cruelty-free, gluten-free product which doesn't contain Sulfate Lauryl Sodium. Last year (or was it two years ago? πŸ˜‚) I decided to avoid this surfactant which allows the product to foam nicely (found in face/ body wash, toothpaste, shampoo to name a few). It might be irritating to people with sensitive skin. Because I have a difficult scalp (with dandruffs and oily roots, charming), I wanted to try something soothing. . This shampoo is packed with royal jelly, blueberry, green tea and keratin. Despite the lack of SLS, this shampoo lathers easily on your hairs. When it comes to my hairs, I'm really lazy. I wash them once a week because they are quite long and take so much time to dry (I don't like using a hair-drier). Moreover, they start to be greasy quickly (around the second, third day after a shampoo). I wish I found the perfect shampoo for me (because my hairdresser have it, now I just need to ask which brand is it) and I think I never been closer except with the Hydrating Shampoo. . I've been used it three times and I have to admit it immediatly makes my hair smoother. I use it from my roots to the end of my hairs. I use it once with the conditionner after, and once with the bond treatment. For the moment, it really cleans my hairs and doesn't seem to induce massive dandruffs production. It doesn't help with greasy scalp for the moment (sadly) and my hairs doesn't have more volume with it but, for the moment, it's better than some shampoos I have used that make my hairs look like a mess juste the day after the shampoo. Have a lovely evening everyone ! . (product was gifted but opinion is my own)

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6 days ago

Eat your greens! The Kale-lalu-yAHA from @kravebeauty works better on me than DE Framboos serum. It lasts a long time, remove the dead cells, prevent pimples and brighten my complexion. A total winner but if you scroll my feed, you might understand it πŸ˜‰ Have a good Monday! #exfoliant PS: not the first to use veggie as props (@lobo.indigo, @natedaheim @dermatologram to name a few! πŸ’š)

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7 days ago

[PR gifts] Remedies against dried lips Dunno why but this title sounds like a symphony's title in my ears πŸ˜‚ Anyway, I've always suffer from chapped lips but not this time, thanks to these amazing products from @kjaerweis and @henneorganics. . πŸ”ΈKjaer Weis Lipbalm* (center): Such a luxurious lipbalm in a surreal packaging. I received it a few days before Christmas and since this time, I've wore it on my lips everyday. It's a balm, yet more like an oil on your lips. Lightweight, hydrating yet non sticky, it's perfect to protect your lips for hours. Fun fact: for me, it smells like the products containing honey wax used to polish wood furniture pieces. A bit disturbing at first but now I almost doesn't scent it anymore. The case is gorgeous, but it's not really hygienic to use during the day (I don't wash my hands every hours so.. πŸ˜…). But overall, it's a very convenient product. I will definitely buy a refill. . πŸ”ΈHennΓ© Organic Lip mask* (top): This orange paste smells like sea buckthorn flavored candies (do you the brand Ricola?) and it's such a treat to apply it before going to sleep. I spread a little on my lips, wait for 15 minutes or more, then, remove it with a tissue and apply my lipbalm. I find it has a little cooling effect and it leaves my lips so soft. A little goes a long way but it might become a staple for winter! . πŸ”ΈHennΓ© Organic Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator* (bottom): A delicious mix of sugar and fruit seeds (blueberry and raspberry). I don't use it as often as I should because previously, I just mixed sugar with honey (same purpose but you can eat it). Now I need to be cautious not to eat it despite how incredibly yummy it looks. It gets rid of the dead cells and lice your lips soft and ready for the mask. I personally don't think I'll purchase it because I prefer my own version but if you're looking for something effective and natural, you're in! (Edit: technically, you can eat it, the brand posted a comment about that πŸ˜‰) . (*product gifted for review but I give my own opinion) #mylocalkw #lipproducts #lipcare #wintersaviors

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9 days ago

Coconut to enter the weekend! Have a lovely evening everyone #showergel

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10 days ago

[PR gift] Kypris is a brand using organic and sustainably obtained ingredients in their products. The range includes cleanser, face oils, masks and even sunscreen. The packaging of each product is to die for (plus, it's in glass container which is better than plastic πŸ˜‰) I had the opportunity to try two of their products : the Deel Forest Clay mask and the Beauty Elixir II (aka BE2 for me). BE2 is a face oil which contains CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10. As a biologist, this molecule haunt my class memories. It's an antioxidant component found in all the animal and it's involved in a reaction which provides energy to the cell (so it's more than just important for our body). In the BE2, it's used to target hyperpigmentation caused by UV exposure along with vitamin C. This product contains a bunch of interesting oils (pumpking, seabuckthorn, tamanu, baobab and prickly pear to name a few) and botanical extracts (rosemary, lavender). Using this oil is a unique experience. You're suddenly immersed in a field of lavender while the scent wrap your whole body and soul, then, the texture sinks easily into your skin, leaving only the glow. While using it mixed with Drunk Elephant B-Hydra serum, it definitely saves my skin from the cold (goodbye redness and thank you so much @skintothewild for the tip). And with the amazing Kale-lalu-yAHA (which is more efficient than DE Framboos serum for me), it slowly remove even the stubborn hyperpigmentation spots on my cheeks, due to hormonal pimples. Yes, it's on the expensive side of green beauty but it's worthy. If I wasn't a broke student, I will definitely purchase it. (product was gift but it's my own opinion).

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13 days ago

The TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum contains a blend of 12% AHA and BHA. It's designed to refine and resurface the skin. Its name comes from the rasperry extract used to gently exfoliate you skin. I definitely see people raving about it, and for the expensive price I had great expectations for it. It's said to tackle discoloration, oiliness and to reduce pore appearance. It's a clear gel that doesn't have any scent which comes out of the tube. It's a bit tacky but it's absorbeb by the skin rather quickly. I used chemical exfoliant previously so my skin didn't react to this one particularly. It may have tingled sometimes but nothing like the Baby Facial Mask. But I'm a bit sceptical. I use it religiously every night for almost 6 weeks and I don't really see any improvement regarding hyperpigmentation spots or pores, maybe oiliness? This product probably doesn't work on me and I'm a bit sad because of all the good reviews I have read about it but it doesn't broke me out either. I won this product in a giveaway hosted by @liahyoo. You should really check her work if you don't know her already πŸ˜‰ Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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14 days ago

Charcoal toothpaste by @native I really like their deodorant and shower gel. This one is nice too. It doesn't foam a lot but leave a clena sensation in mouth. But it tends to leave a stain on your toothbrush πŸ˜… The packaging is unusual for a toothpaste and I find it a bit difficult to squeeze (it's a bit hard and I find it more suitable for products like facial cleanser) but overall it's a nice one and major point, it's SLS free and fluoride free! Have a nice weekend everyone.

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15 days ago

Outburst is coming. Who's ready?

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16 days ago

[PR gift] Have a good weekend everyone! I cannot be tired of this stunning packaging and product from the amazing brand @akarskin.

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17 days ago

Trying to apply @kosascosmetics lipstick in Pheonix without messing the application...

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18 days ago

Thanks to @liahyoo, I was able to test @drunkelephant products!! Btw, you should check her videos, she's the one who introduces me to skincare world. Her last one is about retinol and retinoid and I definitely have to watch it. B-hydra Intense Hydration Serum is something I don't like on its own. I mean, I use two pumps and just as a simple serum, I didn't find it really hydrating. But, using it to create a microemulsion (@skintothewild is killing everything with this concept), it saves my skin from the harsh weather. I mixed it with DE Frambood Serum and Akar Clarify Oil. It allows a better penetration of all the products and add hydration. Plus, the brand itself recomments to use face oil to lock hydration provided by this serum onto your skin.

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