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Here is a half way mark update on my Ultimate Reset journey. My bloat from traveling is gone, that went away pretty quick with a few good nights of sleep, hydration & eating all the healthy food. Week ones biggest challenges were emotional. I had a lot of emotional release happen that week. I was also a few days from my period, so we all know that doesn’t help but still, it felt good to let it all out. Week two has been BUSY! I was on set filming Fixate all week, that presented its own challenges, but that’s life right? I made it work by packing my food, setting the alarm on my phone to stay on track with taking my supplements & eating & bringing a huge jug of distilled water to set. I’m feeling really good, lean and toned. The hardest part for me has been dialing back my workouts, but that’s because I’m a workout junkie, I love it. I’m still doing light cardio with swimming, my stair climber & @countryheatdance I have a few more days left in week two before I enter the final week. Overall I’m super happy with how it’s been going! . #strong #healthy #fit #reset #teamac

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I am obsessed with being a woman comfortable in her own skin & teaching others how to do the same. . It doesn’t always happen, I’m human, I have moments of self-doubt, discomfort & critiquing myself just like anyone else. But I also have the wisdom to know I am more than just what my body looks like. I also have the tools that help me to be the best version of my self. Ultimate Portion Fix for proper nutrition, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, 80 Day Obsession, The Masters Hammer & Chisel to help me to be strong & fit. But most importantly I have the drive & determination to use what I have to achieve what I want. . What about you? You have the tools are you using them? What’s your go-to to look & feel like your best self? 📸 @perbernalphoto Outfit @koral . #portionfix #21dayfix #80dayobsession #fitgirl #bossbabe #homeworkout

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There are so many images to choose from to remember today. I chose this one because on a day that was so ugly, so sad, so tragic, this image is the opposite. It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful, I see love in it. We will never forget the beauty that was lost. We will never forget the lives that were taken. Remembering it all today on September 11th. Sending our love to the people of New York, our gratitude to our first responders and our prayer for peace to the families who are grieving still.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎨: @farhadfarhadi1988

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I was so excited to receive this plaque in the mail yesterday. It’s a plaque honoring 1,000,000 views in the first 2 months of 21 Day Fix Real Time being availablen on a BeachBody On Demand. It’s so special because each & every one of those views represents a person I get to help. Someone who is trusting me to come into their home each day, to guide them, to motivate them, to push them to their limits & past & hopefully change their health and their life for the better. So really this plaque is for all of you & all of the hard work you have been putting in on yourself. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Here’s to millions more. 💗🥂 . #21dayfix #teamac #portionfix #homeworkout #girlswholift

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We were not born with shame or fear of not being good enough. Those things are learned and therefor can be unlearned. Is it hard to put yourself out there, to be unapologetically you, to show your strengths, your weakness, your vulnerabilities? Absolutely. But it’s so much harder to live in fear, to feel not good enough, to try to be someone or something you are not. So don’t. Be you, for you. 📸: @sarahorbanicphotos . #selflove #bebrave #nofear #youareenough at Calabasas, California

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I’m missing weights already AND its hump day so how about a compound move to work your legs & your humps?!🍑 . Front lunge, squat, reverse lunge, “kick”. Your “kick” is more of a leg extension so you work your quad. Perform 2 sets 15 reps on each side using medium weights. Feel the 🔥 . Sports bra from @lornajaneactive Leggings from @carbon38 Shoes from @Nike . #teamac #humpday #legday #homeworkout at Calabasas, California

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Today is day 1 of the Ultimate Reset for me, these are my before pics. No, I’m not pushing my stomach out, but I also made a conscious effort not to tighten up/suck in either. I was just in Ohio for 4 days with family I haven’t seen in years. I ate food I would never normally eat, I drank wine & had a few more cocktails than I normally would & I only worked out twice. All my choices to enjoy the weekend with the family and I’m totally ok with that. This is bloat, I could get it off in two days without the Ultimate Reset but thats not the point of this. The point of this is to. Challenge myself, push my limits, I haven’t done that nutritionally in a while. The point is to go through the detox both physically, emotionally & mentally. . I’m doing this to give my body the help that it needs to be the absolute best version of itself & I’m sharing it with all of you so that you can see fitness professionals are not perfect. We don’t all around photo shoot ready or stage ready every single day of our lives. We take a little freedom too, we endings & when we do there are some consequences for it. 𝐁𝐔𝐓 We don’t let it be an excuse to keep going off the rails. We know we have the tools to get us back to the best version of ourselves and we use them. So here we go! . Link 🔗 in bio to purchase . #teamac #reset #ultimatereset #nutrition #weightloss #health #wellness

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Tomorrow I will start this 21 day detox, cleanse & reset. This feels like the perfect time for me to push that reset button▶️ Not only is my nutrition about to change, so are my workouts. Tune in for a recap each day of how my experience is going. I start tomorrow Sept 3rd.

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