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@auroraarktika  Explore with us onboard sailboats Aurora or Arktika, in Iceland and Greenland.

18 hours ago

By @chrisburkard - This vessel has shown me more of the worlds beauty than any other form of transportation I've been lucky enough to experience... at Westfjords

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2 days ago

“Time in the wilderness certainly isn’t the only answer, but it’s the only thing that’s even shaped like the answer for me.” @marksolon at Westfjords

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6 days ago

The last steps toward the summit of the mighty Beerenberg (2277m). This beautiful volcano has been the main attraction on our many expeditions to the remote arctic island of Jan Mayen. Photo by Rolf Stange at Jan Mayen Island

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10 days ago

“Waiting for the dinghy to come pick me up onshore after a few hours running and bring me to sailboat Aurora 📸 Steve Chrapchynski” @ingafann at Greenland

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11 days ago

Our good friend and super kayak guide Veiga Grétarsdóttir has just left Ísafjörður for her epic journey - to be the first to paddle against the current around Iceland. We wish you all the best Veiga @against_the_current_iceland at Ísafjörður

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13 days ago

”Another spectacular week in the West Fjords. Thank you Iceland 🇮🇸 for being so beautiful and so memorable. Despite the lack of snow, you wowed us with Arctic fox, fresh muscles off the beach, whales, puffins, seals, short epic bursts of Iclandic weather and dance parties on the deck of the Arktika under the midnight sun. #iceaxeski” 📷 @leltone #iceaxealpinemavens @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure at Westfjords

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16 days ago

”Meet the guides (Vol. 6). Oli, Captain of the Artika skilfully navigated us through the western fjords of Iceland as we skied between plateaus to keep up with him. Olafur is born and bred Icelandic and has spent his entire life on the water. Although a fisherman by trade he only learnt to sail when he bought a boat and attempted a daring 180nm solo journey up the west coast of Iceland. It was also on this sail that he met Siggi, the owner of Artika, and since then he has become a frequent visitor to the most remote corners of both Iceland and Greenland.” @joroexperiences . . #joroexperiences #journeysofdiscovery #inpursuitofthatfeeling #iceland #skiing #sailing #everydayiceland #ski #sail #sailboat #igersiceland #inspiredbyiceland #icelandair #wheniniceland #reykjavik #snowboarding #mystopover #ig_iceland #icelandtravel #yachting #yacht #visiticeland #icelandic #boating #whyiceland #sailor #boat #sailinglife at Hornstrandir

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19 days ago

”Ok. Last beauty shot of the Arktika for the day. Arctic skies and floating ice.” 📷 @altimax2k3 at Greenland

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