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2 days ago

A recap of our trip to mykines. If you are interested in going to Mykines here are some tips on how to get there. 1. Book your ticket for the boat ride on 2. The boat leaves from the village Sørvágur. 3. It’s recommended to book a local guide if you want to hike out to the light house 4. Make sure to respect the nature and the trails that are marked 5. Bring hiking shoes! It is hard to walk some shots and it can be very slippery. There are two cafes (only open during the summer). If you want to stay more than a day, check if any of the airbnb houses are available. Hope this information helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 📷: @erlaziskasen #atlanticadventures #atlanticairways at Mykinesbygd, Faroe Islands

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2 days ago

Sailing through the fog 🛥 We’re back from a great trip to Mykines. Due to the foggy weather we did not see as many puffins as we hoped to. You win some you loose some! We’ll be back🐧❤️ #atlanticadventures at Jósup

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5 days ago

Helicopter views 🚁 “Flying the helicopter is my favorite way to see the islands. It’s just amazing to see everything from above. Pilots are lucky to have this as their office view!!” - @kirstinvang #atlanticadventures at Atlantic/Faroe

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7 days ago

Monday is here, and we want to wish you a good week. This week @kirstinvang and I ( @erlaziskasen ) will be going to Mykines! We can’t wait to show you the beautiful island, and hopefully the adorable puffins. If you want any specific tips or information in our upcoming video, comment or message us 😜 #atlanticadventures #atlanticairways at Faroe Islands

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8 days ago

The G! festival is unique! Between the peaks and the ocean, in a break between the cliffs skirting the coastline the festival’s stages are built on the beach and the football pitch, right under the windows of houses. It’s more than a normal music festival - and we absolutely love it! #atlanticadventures #gfestival2018 at G! Festival

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11 days ago

“Pure happiness✨ We had an amzing day trip to Suðuroy. We both definitely recommend going there. I think one day is waayyy to little time to explore the nature the island has to offer. It is so different from the other islands. On our drive to @cafemormor we saw this beautiful field of cottongrass and we had to stop! 😍 Love exploring my home country and seeing different sites that I have never seen.“ - @erlaziskasen #atlanticadventures #atlanticairways at Faroe Islands

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12 days ago

Did you know, that the Atlantic puffin spends autumn and winter on open ocean before it returns to the coast in late spring? The puffin stays until mid August, which means that you can find puffins on the Faroe Islands right now 🙌🏻 Especially the island Mykines is known for its big puffin colony🐧 #atlanticadventures at Faroe Islands

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14 days ago

Our day trip to Surðuroy was absolutely amazing. We highly recommend it! All of the spots we did, we drove there (but you can certainly do many beautiful Hikes as well). Driving around the island was so different from the other islands. Some parts of the island the landscape is slanted, some places were covered with wild flowers, and some roads were so steep. There are cafes that you can stop at and get something to eat or drink. We will both go back because we felt there is just so much more exploring that needs to be done. Feel free to message us if you have any questions. #atlanticsummer #atlanticairways at Hvalba

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14 days ago

Sumba - tucked away behind high mountains. This village is the southernmost village on the Faroe Islands located on the island Suðuroy. When driving around Suðuroy, make sure to visit this village and then to drive all the way down to the southernmost point - Akraberg. #atlanticsummer at Sumba, Faroe Islands

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17 days ago

Hi! We are @erlaziskasen & @kirstinvang 👋🏼 This summer we will be taking over Atlantic Airways’ Instagram. We will be taking you with us on our journey in our home country. We will be showing you some of our favorite site, locations, things to do, events and activities. Stay tuned! #atlanticsummer #atlanticairways at Faroe Islands

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17 days ago

Let the adventures begin! Who is ready for Friday? Anyone going on adventures in the Faroes landscapes this weekend? We will be going somewhere tomorrow and we will bring you along. Stay tuned 🇫🇴 #atlanticsummer #atlanticairways at Gjógv

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