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17 hours ago

Another new experience with another expert and more challenge. I’m so blessed to be part of Tau Gak Sih program and having such a great opportunities in life! Well, to be honest this is my very first time riding a horse by myself! But it’s way much easier since Mas @galihrasiono help us with the knowledge how to handle the horse. I tried it and it worked! I had a bonding to built a chemistry before i ride it. And now i love that horse very much! Actually this is not the horse i ride before, but since the picture isn’t that good so i posted this picture instead. Lol Check out my instastories for more pictures.

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2 days ago

Hosting the press conference for ‘The Vaseline Healing Project’ a couple days ago. Really appreciate the idea of helping others by giving a knowledge about the healthiness of our skin. Thanks for having me anyway!

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4 days ago

We’re sorry for the craziness and for being so messy in terms of seeing my partner’s face. But, she’s okay and still alive till now thou. Lol Grab a chance to win vouchers and even smartphone everyday with us on NGEBLAZ, Ngabuburit Bareng Lazada! Who’s excited to watch NGEBLAZ today with @nonafeli and i? at KLY Kapanlagi Youniverse Head Office

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5 days ago

Yash! Thanks for 38k viewers today! Its getting bigger, from the studio, viewers and even the promos and vouchers! Go follow Lazada’s social media and download Lazada App now and watch NGEBLAZ everyday from 4 PM till almost 6 PM. at KLY Kapanlagi Youniverse Head Office

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7 days ago

Thanks for watching! We’ve heard it was like 28k viewers and thats beyond amazing! Just stay tune everyday from 4 till 5.30-ish cuz we’ll be there for you on Lazada’s social media and Lazada App! Go grab the voucher and promotions guys! . P.S: thank you for the craziness today! And thanks for the cake! I’m a happy kiddo! at Capital Place Jakarta

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8 days ago


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12 days ago

Hi, Lazadians! Bulan Ramadan balik lagi nih, Lazada juga punya program spesial yang namanya NGEBLAZ 'Ngabuburit Bareng Lazada'! Setiap harinya kita bakal nemenin kamu nungguin jam buka puasa mulai dari jam 16.00 sampai 17.30 sambil kasih bocoran promo dan berbagai fitur fantastis di Lazada! Barengan sama @nonafeli , @rianibram dan @cereliaraissa hari ini kita akan ngobrol asik seputar tips & trik supaya ngabuburit kamu tambah asik! Bakal ada unboxing smartphone keren Realme C2 plus kita bakal review produk dari Emina semuanya LIVE di Aplikasi Lazada, Instagram, Facebook dan YouTube Lazada Indonesia. Wajib nonton nih, kita bakal bagi-bagi voucher menarik, berbagai hampers Emina dan smartphone gratisss dari Realme! Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya! #BerkahUntukSemua #LazadaRamadan2019

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13 days ago

Thank you buat yang udah jadi 1 dari 25 ribu orang yang nntn kita tadi! Well, if you guys haven’t got any chance to watch the show, you still can catch us everyday on social media and Lazada App from 4 PM till 5 PM. See you! at Capital Place Jakarta

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14 days ago

Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa! Semoga puasanya bisa lancar dan semua ibadah lainnya bisa diterima Allah SWT. Amin. P.S: cukup mukanya aja yang setengah, puasanya jangan ikutan setengah-setengah. Apalagi cuma setengah hari. Pfft.

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17 days ago

Thanks for watching the Yippi TV Live Draw last night! Finally we have a gewd picture with a matching outfit after bunch of attempts in every episode. Haha. Till next month err-body! at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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20 days ago

If i say stay, would you stop your step and turn around?

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21 days ago

What’s left from the special screening for ‘Martabak Bangka’ the movie. These are people that always there behind my back and help me from a scratch. Thank you for your endless support and pray! :) at XXI Pondok Indah Mall

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23 days ago

Yesh. This is us. Jaya and Asep. Two different person with different personality and different culture. But we’re like a brother, even more. We are a team mate! We are a fighter! . In the other hand, that’s what really happened between Ramon and Ario. We’re totally different in every freakin’ way. Very opposite! But, we’re like a long lost friend who just bumped again for this movie. Haha. . Okay, i know i’ve never talked to you this serious. But at least, lemme try.. Jay, i hate you when you ignore me all the time! Because you’re too busy thinking and acting like Ko Acun. And it sucks! But again you’re the only person that i have. The boss that always understand about everything i do (of course with all my stupidity and dumbness. Lol). And the partner in crime in every way! Thanks for accepting me just the way i am. . Mas Ramon.. you know i hate you too! More than Asep hates Jaya. More than we hate ‘Emak-emak pakai motor matic’. More than netijen hates ‘pelakor’ and even more than Soraya Montenegro hates Maria Mercedes.. but for me, you’re still the best! The best to teach me how to act in front of camera. The best to be a room mate with tons of stories! The best to be a ‘julid’ partner. And the best to try all of my stuffs and shampo! Thanks for using my not-so-cheap shampoo to wash your hat. But overall, your kindness would stay in my head...... for a while. Of course, not for a long time. Pfft. Cuz i know you have more and more kindness than you gave to me before. Thanks, Mate! I owe you! . P.S: your acting is the best in this movie! I salutè you this time! 👏🏼 . @martabakbangkamovie

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25 days ago

That moment when you’re single: ‘Mending nemenin meja, apa nemenin kamu ya?’ Mission accomplished! #promise

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26 days ago

Yash! Thanks for all the Lazadians Mom out there who joined us to share about mom and baby products! Before you guys ask me ‘kapan’, i’ll just gonna buy all the sale product in Lazada first! Biar modal kawinnya gede, mending ngirit kebutuhan bayi di Mega Baby Wednesday sampai tanggal 26 April nanti. Yuk! at Capital Place Jakarta

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27 days ago

Hosting ‘When Beauty Meets Fashion’ Her World Trip Goes to Europe x UOB Lady’s Card today. Thanks for having me and enjoy the Lavender Festival in Europe! :) at UOB Plaza Thamrin

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27 days ago

My sister, my mentor, my healthy life consultant, my ‘julid’ and ‘retjeh’ partner, oh well, she’s just everything i need! She changed my perspective about the true beauty. It’s not always about being pretty, elegance, and look good all the time. But it’s all about being yourself and accept yourself just the way you are. And being persistence! So there you go the picture of a real beauty and the beast. Enjoy! Lol at Seribu Rasa Summarecon Bekasi

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