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5 days ago

Such a cute portrait! How do you guys like it? I'm feeling happy after a very productive weekend, and excited for my leave this saturday! Next months will be crazy at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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8 days ago

Her coffee was cracking jokes all the time, I couldn't do much 🤣 at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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9 days ago

The burger was cold when we've finished shooting, but tasty nevertheless 😁 @kinobezigrad was amazing! at Kino Bežigrad

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12 days ago

Shot this with a 35mm, it really looks a lot different than my other work but I love it! at Koper

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14 days ago

Trying to experiment with my models poses. I try to move away from the standard style of my shots, that had a play for the better part of the past year! at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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17 days ago

Playing with shadows has never been more fun 😁 Kaja did it again I think. at Ljubljana, Slovenia

1k 31
18 days ago

Swipable post after a long time 😊 Hope you guys like it! Leaving home in 18 days, the stress is starting to kick in at Koper

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21 days ago

It's not a secret that I adore indoor and cozy type of photos 🤷🏼‍♂️ at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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22 days ago

Typing this in Ljubljana, tired from all the shooting in the last two days. But I've discovered what happines for me truly means. at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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23 days ago

Moody as hell 🤷🏼‍♂️ Wind was more than welcome this time at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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25 days ago

Been unbelievably happy this month, I hope it will last long 😊 at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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26 days ago

Wider shot than usual 😁 I love it! How do you guys like it? at Koper

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29 days ago

Extra urban vibes with @anjajenko 😁 I am so excited for the upcoming months, 2019 will be crazy! Can't wait to show everyone what I've been doing at Ljubljana, Slovenia

1k 18
30 days ago

Loving her expression, it looks so timeless to me. Really loving the outcome of this shoot 😊 at Ljubljana, Slovenia

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