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3 days ago

Lina Bo Bardi. The Glass House, São Paulo Brazil

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4 days ago

Vila Rica house/ BLOCO architects, Brazil

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5 days ago

Whoa!! Want to Walk into Your Sketch? @morpholio Trace, our favorite App for Architects, now lets you literally jump into a drawing with AR SketchWalk!! ✍️Download Trace App in @morpholio Bio!! . Thanks to @cluckdesign!! . #WorkBetter #NotCAD #IPreferDrawingToTalking #CanIBorrowSomeTrace #DrawingIsThinking . Share your work! Tag “Sketched with #MorpholioTrace” to be featured! @morpholio TRACE is an App for Architects. . ➕Make sure to follow: @morpholio @morpholioboard . #Morpholio #ISeeDesign #FinalFinal #DetailsAreNotDetails #trace #tracepaper #tracedrawing #stencil #design #perspective #architecturedrawing #section #designinspiration #archisketch #architecture #architecturedesign #landscapearchitecture #ipaddrawing #iphonedrawing #architectureapp #designapp #drawingapps #ar #augmentedreality

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6 days ago

Paul Stevenson (Steve) Oles, FAIA, is an architect and co-founder of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. He is also the author of “Architectural Illustration: The Value Delineation Process” and a former winner of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. Steve takes pleasure in long walks, working out, designing all sorts of things, and riding the roads of New Mexico on his beloved ’08 Triumph Bonneville. If you’ve ever used the assorted styles in the SketchUp’s Styles dialogue, take a look at the PSO styles — those were developed with Steve’s work as inspiration as well as his eye for detail. And if you’re using SketchUp 2015, take a closer look at the scale figure that loads in many of our default templates. It just happens to be our friend, Steve Oles.” #architecture #house #sketchbook #design

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6 days ago

@volume_zero So here it is, the Moonception Architecture Competition’s challenge broken down. Calling for all the Visionary Architect’s to design for the future Lunar inhabitants The total prize of the competition for top three winners is $4000 USD. All the winners and honourable mentions would be published on Volume Zero Website and other international web magazines. All the participants would receive a certificate of participation. To download the complete brief, visit the link in bio. For any further queries on the competition just send us a mail on or DM us.

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7 days ago

H house/ Felipe Assadi Architetcs, Ph © Fernando Alda Zapallar, Chile 340 sqm 2018

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8 days ago

Solo House / Office KGDVS

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10 days ago

Hemeroscopium House / ENSAMBLE STUDIO

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11 days ago

House between Old Mud Walls / Estudio Jesús Donaire

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