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3 days ago

Ya know I love my Google Pixel 3 phone. Google have given me 2 phones to give away for Valentine’s Day! So my idea of romance with my wifie on Valentine’s day is a swim/surf & pizza on the cliff at Tama (sans kids). Tell us what’s your ideal Valentine's date in the comments below. Tag your lover, best mate or ya dog and the most entertaining answer wins! We'll announce the winners over the weekend. Photo: @atdusk #giftfromgoogle #sponsored #teampixel at Aquabumps Gallery

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4 days ago

Stormy on one side, perfect on the other side. The best thing about being on an island during a 50-year storm! :: uge #hawaii #northshore #aloha at Oahu Life

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5 days ago

In Hawaii - at 5 pm today the swell buoys registered 38.4 feet (@17 seconds) – that’s the biggest, ever on record. People are tripping out, waves are rushing up onto roads, and one set even broke our front porch on the point at Waimea. No, it’s not surfable…it’s deadly – the winds are 40-60 knots with gusts up to 90 knots! That’s nuts. #hawaii #northshore #aloha #waimeabay at Waimea Bay, Hawaii

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5 days ago

Alohaland. Hanging on the other side of the island until the 50-year storm passes. Oh boy, this island is under a low-pressure siege! Monster waves - gale forces winds. It's crazy. :: uge #hawaii #northshore #aloha at Hawaii

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