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@aprillovegeary  I'm probably taller than you.

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4 days ago

My babies

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4 days ago

I don’t even remember what life is like not being pregnant lmao

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8 days ago

Mommy gave me a Valentine’s Day cupcake! 🎂 swipe to watch me mash it up

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8 days ago

Also Happy Valentines to my littlest valentine! I love you more than I can even explain Mia Love ♥️

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8 days ago

Happy Valentines Day my love! You’re always doing everything you can to make me happy even when I don’t deserve it. I’m so lucky I get to call you MINE! Thanks for putting up with my pregnancy hormones for pretty much two years straight...🤪I’m crazy about you ♥️

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8 days ago

Two week countdown 🌟

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10 days ago

Last one I promise! 💐

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