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@aprillovegeary  I'm probably taller than you.

14 hours ago

Love with an attitude 🖤

3k 47
1 day ago

Are you really a mom if you don’t say stupid shit to make your kids dance???

11k 2k 37
2 days ago

✨ But you without me ain’t right 💋

5k 66
3 days ago

Me leaving Catch tonight after some 1942 lmao

9k 2k 32
8 days ago

I love red lip stick but I don’t really wear it because my top lip got messed up after a dog bit my face so it always looked uneven lol 🥵

4k 105
8 days ago

My favorite dinner date 🍣

6k 50
10 days ago

Omw to eat some 🍝

3k 45
13 days ago

Wild things 💘

4k 51
13 days ago

Sometimes you gotta stop to smell the flowers

12k 2k 35
19 days ago

Is this..... sisterly love?

3k 54
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