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Community Challenge: Best of Your favorite shot that deserves the shine. Tag #ShotoniPhone to share your best snap. You may even see it live beyond the screen. Click the Newsroom link in our bio to learn more. Music: “Solar System” by Cocone

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Commissioned by Apple. “As a creative, it’s important for me to have the freedom to tell the truth through my art. I was happy to shoot my series, ‘A Great Day in Accra,’ here in Independence Square, where Martin Luther King Jr. watched Kwame Nkrumah declare Ghana’s freedom back in 1957. By reuniting and photographing both old and new hiplife artists, I’m letting the rest of the world know about the genre’s impact in Ghana and beyond. People need to hear about the culture, the source of our rhythm, our music, what influences our arts. It’s our history from our perspective. I want to make sure the new generation doesn’t lose their identity or forget about the pioneers who paved the way for them to lift their own voices.” #MLKDay #ShotoniPhone by Prince G. @princejyesi, featuring @g_7596 @reggierockstone711 @okyeamekwame @rab_bakari @abrewa99 @dahammergh @iambeatmenace @gurunkz @1realjoeyb @elrepgh @djbreezygh @stargogh @kiraniayat @pureakan @kiddblackrapgod @ansahlive @imani_n.a.d @toyboi1 @kwesiarthur_ @shadowxwayne Check out the full story on IGTV. Hiplife playlist on Apple Music: apple.co/hiplife at Independence Arch

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Commissioned by Apple. "Eddie is a young man from Tutuila, a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He received a full athletic scholarship to a major Division 1 university. He didn’t have a set formula to follow. Didn’t have access to proper equipment or training facilities. He only started playing the game three years ago. Eddie had so many obstacles to overcome and that’s what I love about him. He has no fear." @eddies1aumau #ShotoniPhone by Steven C. @stevencounts Check out IG Stories + IGTV for more. at American Samoa

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