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11 days ago

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” -Buddha Our mind is such a powerful tool. How are you nourishing your thoughts everyday? Do you wake up with gratitude for the air in your lungs, the car that drives you to work, the money that pays your bills? Or do you wake up frustrated you have to go to work, cursing at the traffic, and upset that it’s only Tuesday? Feed your mind well, friend. Your thoughts shape your actions. 📸: @quincysphotos ❤️ at Mountain Home, Idaho

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26 days ago

Today was the first time in 2+ weeks I’ve gotten in exercise. 🏃🏻‍♀️ ☀️ I love the way exercise makes me feel mentally, so what’s keeping me from doing something that makes me feel good? Discomfort. I have my annual fitness test for the military coming up in March, and two to three months out I start conditioning. I start running, doing sit ups, push ups, and timing myself to make sure I’m hitting the right numbers in order to achieve at least a 90%. ⏱ I have a sour attitude about it. I allowed myself to believe that running is hard, and it’s not something I do. Push ups suck, because I don’t like them. Sit ups are aren’t too bad, but if I want to max out, I need to hit 45 in under a minute and ensure I have proper form. I allowed myself to settle into a lack mentality due to discomfort. I lack the strength and endurance to achieve the numbers I want...but here’s where I’m wrong. At one point in my military career I scored a 95.1 out of 100 points. I KNOW I can do it! I’ve done the training before to hit my goals. So this morning on my run, I decided that having a lack mentality is not an option. What I think is what I become, so I decided I AM capable of hitting a 95. Me not working out is not an option, because that’s going to keep me from the goals I have to accomplish in order to succeed in my military career, along with setting standards of health and wellness. How many of us allow ourselves to fall into a lack mentality, knowing that we’ve accomplished the hard thing before? Let’s not forget what we’ve labored through that lead us to where we are today. Believe that you can do it, because if you tell yourself that you can do it, then you will. Believe you CAN do the hard things. Push through the discomfort! 💪🏼 #UnstoppableInfluence #PushThrough at Idaho

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2 months ago

“Where you movin’?” I said “Onto better things.” . Peace out 2018. You provided lessons, experiences, and opportunities I’ll never forget. Thankful for the ups and downs, my friends and my family . we grow! 📸:Fall 2017 at Sedona, Arizona

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2 months ago

Best gifts ever! 🎄❤️

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2 months ago

Two nights ago Mountain Home was hit with SIX inches of snow! We haven’t had snow since, but it’s been SO cold. I’m talking 22° with a 15° windchill. 🌬❄️ With that, for this final Impact Day of the fall term, I wanted to talk about why picking up trash makes me happy. 1- I’m helping Mother Earth. Each day she provides us with so much beauty, from the earth under our feet, to the sky above us, and everything in between. WE owe it to her to keep her looking magnificent. 2- It makes me feel good. Yeah trash is well...trash. It’s gross, and dirty, but it doesn’t belong on our trails, in our streets, or in our waterways. 3- I’m influencing others in a positive way and showing them that picking up trash is cool! Don’t be the person who sees trash and walks by. Be the person who sees trash, stops to pick it up, and properly dispose it. If we all do our part to Keep Nature Wild, then we can enjoy our beautiful earth for generations to come! at Idaho

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3 months ago

I had some VERY adorable helpers this #ImpactDay. It was so fun teaching the little fellas the importance and fun of picking up trash and throwing it away. My sister in law also helped, and I loved spending time with her! . I exercised my right to vote today, and this was my first time ever visiting the polls (I’ve always done absentee ballots since I was active duty Air Force and living in many different locations). I felt so empowered and proud to be voting for such an inspiring person that I truly believe has the best interests of Idaho at heart. This is an important time for society, and my hope is you took time to visit your local polling facility or sent in your absentee ballot. #rockthevote at Mountain Home, Idaho

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4 months ago

First #impactday of the Fall 🍁 Term for @keepnaturewild is in the books! Some of my interesting findings today included: five pint size bottles of Fireball, a shoe, and a fidget spinner. 15lbs collected in less than 30 minutes. . Littering isn’t cool, but keeping nature wild and free of debris is! Love that my dad got to join me tonight. He leaves to go back home to Illinois after a week of visiting to see me perform in the Mrs Idaho Pageant. at Mountain Home, Idaho

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6 months ago

Back from the cabin, and can I just say that I could be a mountain woman and 100% be fine with that (but a fashionista Mtn women...can that be a thing?!). Anyway...being able to unplug, even for a mere 48 hours, refreshed me in such a positive way that I’ve realized I need to do it more. . Embarrassingly I admit...I’m addicted to social media. It’s not for the FOMO, but a mixture of boredom, ADD, procrastination, and avoidance. The times when I am away from social media is when I’m at my most productive (obviously), creative, and thoughtful. . Starting today, I make a more conscious awareness of my screen time and work towards a better use of my time. Doing the hard thing instead of turning to social media to avoid the hard thing, because it will be there until I accomplish it. . The betterment of myself is the most important thing. Make me a better friend, wife, sister, daughter, mentor, leader. . . . . . . #OnMountainTime #themountainsarecalling #disconnect #nurturenature #restandrelax #familytime #coffeetalk #boisenationalforest #sawtoothmountains #idahome #idaho #southernidaho #mountainlife #mtnchicks #exploremoretoday #mondaythoughts at Idaho

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6 months ago

Today I bid adieu to the summer Wildkeeper term for #KeepItWild. I had SO much fun meeting and interacting with new pals all across our country. My Impact Day had me cruising a residential alley-way. Much trash was found from either the wind blowing items out of cans, or the garbage truck not able to fully unload the bin. My simple request for you today. Whether you’re toting your garbage bins up the drive today or this week, take a look around and see what debris you can throw away. It makes your neighborhood look nice, and it keeps trash from ending up in ditches and water collection areas. There’s never a bad time to stop, drop, and pick up trash. Keep it wild, my friends! . . . #WhereTheWildKeepersAre #LetsKeepItWild #WildKeepers #LoveMotherNature #CleanEarth #ImpactDay #NurtureOurNature #LeaveNoTrace #GiveADamn #Trail #TakeItOutside #Nature #mtnchicks #Idahome #LeaveItBetter #Sustainability #RoamOn #pickuptrash #itscool #dailymessage at Idaho

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6 months ago

I interrupt my normal scheduled outdoor adventure photos to bring you one that makes my heart so full. These ladies right here. I’ve been best friends with these gals for 15+ years! We do girls trips, group video chats, get togethers at Christmas, and anytime in between we can squeeze a visit with one another. . This wedding photo was taken on day three of us all spending every moment together, and it was such a blast and truly memories made for a lifetime. I love my tribe of strong, beautiful women. ❤️ at St. Louis

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7 months ago

You know what time it is?! Impact Day! Yesterday my cousin Bobbie and her sweet little joined me on on a two mile walk around our neighborhood. We found: plastic bottles, aluminum cans, fast food cups/wrappers, cigarette butts, a bird 🐦 feeder (keeping!) and more. 15lbs collected and discarded! 👍🏼 . My PSA for today is when it’s garbage day in your neighborhood, look around your area after pick up and make sure there isn’t any leftover trash that may have fallen out of your garbage bin. Loose garbage can end up anywhere, and we definitely don’t want it to interfere with wildlife picking it up. . Keep it clean, keep it green, keep it wild! ♻️ at Mountain Home, Idaho

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7 months ago

I have 72 hours left in the Crowned City and I’m not ready to say my goodbyes. This place is perfect. 🌴 at Coronado, California

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8 months ago

Another successful Impact Day in the books! Crosby approves. ♻️🗑🍃 . This is the second time I’ve chosen to pick up trash in my neighborhood. I believe it’s as important to clean up our neighborhoods as it is our local parks and recreational sites. 10 less pounds of trash in the environment. . The more you know! It takes anywhere from 10-1000 years for plastic bags to decompose, 450+ years for plastic bottles, and 500 years for aluminum to start oxidizing. Be aware, be mindful, and reduce your use of one time use products. at Mountain Home, Idaho

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8 months ago

As you make your way up Highway 20 heading towards Sun Valley, if you blink you’ll likely miss the sign for a little turnoff that takes you towards views like this. If I gave you the location though...I’d have to kill ya. 😉 . Idaho...your beauty is too much. at Idaho

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8 months ago

Shoshone Falls was one of the locations for my photo shoot this past weekend for my Mrs Idaho America Pageant photos (Yes! I’m doing a pageant, eek! First time for everything). Being able to experience this beautiful vista at sunset with a slight drizzle of rain felt so magical! . Fun fact: dubbed the “Niagara of the West”, Shoshone Falls is taller than Niagara Falls by 42 feet. That’s pretty neat! #ShoshoneFalls #VisitIdaho at Idaho

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9 months ago

First #ImapctDay of the #Summer2018 term for @letskeepitwild is in the books! ♻️ . I have a love/hate relationship with what I do. I love keeping our spaces clean, but hate when I go to clean up how easy it is for me to fill a 13 gallon trash bag. . Tonight’s pick up was around my neighborhood, and I wasn’t even a mile into my walk before filling up my bag. The biggest culprit was plastic water/soda bottles. Ya’ll...these are the WORST! With so many awesome water bottle brands out there (heyoo @hydroflask), do we really need individual bottles of water (and soda is just plain yuck)? Let’s all do our part to keep Mother Earth looking her finest. We all can make an impact! #wildkeepers #letskeepitwild at Idaho

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9 months ago

Leaving Southern Illinois with a full heart and recharged batteries. I got to see my family and watch my best friend of 26 years get married (it was basically a best friend reunion, let’s be honest). . It’s times like this that make me realize how little I need in order to feel happy. Family, friends, laughter, food in my belly and a roof over my head (Oh! And mountains). 💕

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