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The Real Tarzan🦍 @jdarwish_ 💪

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🌪2 days to go - GM Blackout! ✨ • 🔜On Friday, November 16th our Blackout SALE will officially go live! Make sure you set your alarms to 6:00 PM Eastern Time. • ✔Save 🆙️ to 70%off site-wide on all your favorite picks during the Blackout! • 🔝Go straight to Gymformation to find out what you can expect during the #Blackout! • ⬆️Link in Bio⬆️ • • #gmblackout #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #bfcm #blackout

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Follow👉@all_fitness_tips for daily motivation content  apfau Need help with setting up your diet and routine for your goals? Check out my ebook by clicking the link in my bio 💪🏼. - Legs...everyone’s favorite right? 😁. Our legs are essentially half of our body yet most people seem to do more weekly sets for their biceps instead 🤔. - The most effective leg exercises are compound exercises which means they don’t hit just one area of your leg. For example, squats are the king of quad exercises. However, squats also hit your glutes and hamstrings to some extent. Swipe left for a good graphic by @strengthwithsam showing different squat variations. Lunges can be tweaked to emphasize more quads or more glutes/hamstrings but however you do them, they will hit everything. Leg presses are solid as well. - The exercises that are more hamstring specific are Romanian deadlifts (or stiff leg deadlifts which are similar), glute ham raises, and leg curls (seated or lying). - Calves are pretty straight forward. I like to do standing calf raises one day during the week and seated on another. If you don’t have calf raise machines at your gym, you can do them on a leg press. - Although glutes are not specifically mentioned here, your glutes will be hit with just about all of these (squats, lunges, leg presses, deadlifts, glute ham raises in particular). The only other glute specific exercise I would recommend are hip thrusts. - If you’re interested in working with me 1 on 1 for a custom plan tailored to your goals, send me an email for more information on online coaching 💪🏼. - #pfaufitness  #igfitness  #fitness  #gainmuscle #buildmuscle  #workout  #gym  #quads  #squats #calves  #exercise

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🔥Shoulder Day 🔥👇🏼 Follow👉@all_fitness_tips @clarkfit - 1. Barbell Shoulder Press - 4x8-10 2. Reverse Hammer Strength Shoulder Press - 4x10 each arm 3. Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise - 4x12-15 each arm 4. Straight Bar Front Raise Twists - 3x8-10 5. Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise - 3x10 each arm 6. Neutral Grip Rear Delt Cable Row (pause at top) - 3x10 7. Reverse Cable Fly - 3x12-15 8. Front Raise w/ Shoulder Press - 1xfailure - He’s a long and not so basic shoulder workout for ya’s. The first video is exercise 4... something @cameronchase__ showed me, was a little skeptical at first but I actually liked it. Essentially like a plate twist but with a bar instead. This is the only video out of order. For number 8 you’re doing a front raise into 3 shoulder presses, you’ll repeat until failure. If you have any questions about the workout comment below! - For all coaching inquiries apply at the link in my bio 💪🏼 - #gymshark  #shoulderworkout

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