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@alielo  ✨Hebrews 10:35-39 🇺🇸Marin County Living 🌻 Home Cook & Home Decor Enthusiast 💕 Baby P's Mama - literally the cutest 🌿Simple Pleasures

10 days ago

If you need something to cheer you up, here you go- you’re welcome. 😂🐥💕 #neededthis #babyP •SOUND ON!• at Marin County

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18 days ago

The time has come for another round of #whole30 ! 🥬🥒🥦🥕🍋🥩 I’ll be posting mostly on my story for accountability & encouragement so I apologize in advance for the food spam 😂 However, I’m excited to start a new platform for how P and I will be fueling ourselves and maybe trigger some encouragement to you, my friends, as well 😊 at Marin County

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23 days ago

I still can’t believe God chose me to be this amazing girl’s mama...💕 Our story isn’t a fairytale however every single chapter so far has been magical ✨ I didn’t know such a small person could teach me so much about life , faith and love. #weareateam at Marin County

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25 days ago

Self care these days look like this... 💐&🕯• If there are little things that will make my day to day more joyful, I won’t hold back in saying yes to those investments • #lifeisshort #buytheflowers #imworthit at Marin County

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27 days ago

Happy •9 MONTHS• Baby P 💕 🤗 Singing, dancing, army crawling, clapping , smiling , laughing toothless little gem. I love her so much it hurts and amazed everyday by her pure sweetness. #weareateam at Marin County

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1 month ago

There was a break from the rain today and I took full advantage. 🌲☀️ • I was reminded what it was like to take a long walk solo. I found it to be calming, leisurely, productive and thanks to the hills a little challenging. Thankful for the hour I was given to care of myself so I can better care for P • There’s a long road ahead of us but today was a reflection of how beautiful it will be... #weareateam 💕 at Ross, California

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1 month ago

Sooo this definitely isn’t “New Year diet” friendly but the weather screamed to make this... so I did and Baby P loved it too! #babyPeats #comfortfood at Marin County

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1 month ago

Soaking up all the extra time I’m getting with my love nugget Baby P 💕😍

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2 months ago

2019, you hold more than I can say.. so I’ll be quiet and let you do your thing 🤘🏼 at Novato, California

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2 months ago

A year revolving around my dear Penelope with a sprinkle of good wine, charcuterie and a solid decorated room 💕 2018 you were amazing, 2019 we are ready for you. #babyp #topnine2018 at Marin County

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2 months ago

Purging All The Things & Keeping It Simple 🌿 2019 we will be ready for you #simplepleasures also may or may not mean mentally and emotionally too 😌 at Marin County

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2 months ago

Happy Birthday Jesus ✨ Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 I received the sweetest gift back in April, I always dreamed of what this time of year would be like with a little one of my own and it’s pure magic...HOPE• LOVE • JOY • PEACE ❤️ at Marin County

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2 months ago

The snuggle is so real with this one! 💕🐻 Baby P is 8 months today! This time of year with a baby has exceeded what I ever could dream of! 🎄❄️ Baby P is eating more foods, sitting up on her own, thinking about starting to crawl- not QUITE there... loves songs and snuggles and is just as happy as can be #8monthsold #babyP #firstchristmas

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3 months ago

No joke, I didn’t stop smiling all weekend because of these moments right here. Baby P is crushing it at Christmas already... #babyP 🎄🎅🏼😍 at The Village at Corte Madera

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